Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me-Made-May week five or Green Week

Strange how you suddenly fall in love with a colour all over again (or is this just me?). Beautiful bright emerald green swooped me of my feet this week (quite lietrally too because it turns out that I have torn some soft tissue in my knee then broke my little toe - on the same leg!).
So my green love-in started with my Gap cardigan and went from there...

The final week of Me-Made-May saw my first repeat items in the form of the Colette Sorbetto and Grainline Scout Woven tee. It would be a great idea to make some more of these and branch out into more fluid / drapier fabrics.

Overall I have really enjoyed taking part in Me-Made-May for the first time and will definitely take part next year. My most worn items were as I mentioned basic tops and skirts (I have more of these to choose from). Additions to my wardrobe in May were:
  • Total Pollocks tee
  • Colette Ginger chevron skirt
  • Red polka dot Grainline Scout Woven tee (not yet blogged)
  • Black and white plaid shift dress Simplicity 9620 (not yet blogged)
  • Colourful ikat shift dress Simplicity 9620 (not yet blogged)
  • Green vintage dress repair (not yet blogged)
I still have a red jumbo polka dot Colette Sorbetto cut out ready to sew which I never got around to completing and as you know I am part-way through making a green and blue Tulip skirt at Sew Over It.

Here is what my Me-Made-May looked like:

The full list of my me-mades / me-modified / me-mended:

  • Black and white plaid shift dress Simplicity 9620
  • Ikat shift dress Simplicity 9620
  • Green vintage dress repair
  • 60's vintage dress repair (blue vintage dress)
  • Me-made Tatty Devine bunting necklace
As you can see trousers and dresses are not really featured as heavily as skirts and tops which means I have a little bit of sewing to do in the next couple of months to address this inbalance! Yesterday when I visited Ray Stitch in Islington I 'invested' in a few patterns (BHL Flora dress, Deer and Doe Belladone, Colette Montana and Colette Mabel) which will keep me out of mischief for a quite a bit.

I have also recently purchased the PDF versions of Grainline's Maritime Shorts and the Moss Mini which I need to stick together, so yeah, lot's of sewing projects in the pipeline!

How did you find Me-Made-May?

What sewing projects do you have on at the moment?


  1. Loving the green - I share your enthusiasm! Well done on a wonderful Me Made May you have some lovely makes x

    1. Thanks Claire - green is such a fab colour! Thanks for your comments x

  2. Sorry to hear about your injuries, hope you make a quick recovery! Congrats on completing Me Made May, you have lots of lovely makes!
    I've realised that my summer wardrobe is very lacking in nice tops, so am focusing my sewing on that with Sewaholic's Belcarra, Simplicity 1693 and I'll most likely try another Sorbetto or two (loving your pin tuck version). Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy

    1. Thanks Alex - I am hoping for a speedy recovery too. Its very annoying hobbling around with a dodgy knee and broken toe.
      I really enjoyed MMM you should def get involved next year because by then you will have hopefully created a lovely collection of me-made garments to wear. I wanted to be involved last year but just didn't have enough me-made clothes to make it viable.
      Have fun with the Belcarra I would like to make that when I squeeze a bit of time together after my other pattern adventures.

  3. Oof, hope your leg is healing nicely!
    I love your green garments! You have some lovely bright shades there. I think I'm going through a bit of a red phase myself, I only realised when going through my MMM photos! Btw, are you on Twitter? I came across this Simplicity trouser pattern earlier and was going to tweet it to you but couldn't find your handle (if you have one, that is!):

    1. Thanks Sue - my leg and toe are nicely on the mend ; )
      I had a look at the Simplicity New Look pattern and it looks like a great beginner pattern for trousers - we can then upgrade to trousers with zips!
      Have you cut out your Tilly PJ pattern yet?
      I have two Tulip skirts to finish off before I start a new project.

  4. Oooh, you have some lovely separates! Good luck tackling trousers and dresses and I look forward to seeing them next May xx

    1. Thanks Zoe. I'm looking forward to MMM2015! Where finers crossed I will have more me-Madge's including trousers and more dresses