Tuesday, 30 December 2014

1960's coat progress.... or not

Way back in November I started a coat-making workshop at the Clapham Sew Over It store. Things started well over the four weeks but since the course ended I haven't had a moment to spend on it. I hope to get back to finishing the 1960's coat in the new year.

My chosen fabrics - Grey cashmere and wool mix herringbone with bright pink rayon-mix lining
Assembling the many pattern pieces
Cutting the lining
Laying out the coat outer shell - didn't want to make a mistake with this expensive fabric!
The centre back seam with the interfaced back and side sections
The back yoke pinned ready for sewing
The bust dart cut ready to be pressed open on the ham

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Decoration Swap

The lovely Marilla Walker organised a Christmas Decoration swap and my selected Xmas-Deccy-swapette was the very talented Helen from Just Sew Therapeutic. Unlike me, Helen was mega organised and send me a very exciting parcel at the beginning of December.... Thanks Helen... not only did I receive two beautifully hand-made Christmas trees (with bells on!) but some lush chocolate too!

In return I sent Helen three hand-made decorations that were made from bright coloured felt and glass-beads. I based them on a paper decoration I had seen when surfing the internet a few weeks ago. Hopefully Helen likes her decorations as much as I like the ones she made me  x
Thanks Helen for such wonderful decorations and to Marilla for organising the swap!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas bunting at Sew Over It

In November I booked a 'festive bunting' workshop for myself and my friend Natalie at the new Sew Over It store in Islington. Natalie is learning how to sew and I thought it would be a fun way to catch up over a bit of craft.
The shop frontage of the Sew Over it store is a beautiful shade of lilac and inside it has the familiar pink highlights like the Clapham store. Lisa was running the session which started at 6pm with tea and cake (Nat and I were a bit late so missed that bit) then onto a quick demonstration by Lisa about how to construct the bunting.
After a speedy two hours I managed to come up with this! To be honest the selection of fabric that Lisa had prepared did not conjure up my idea of festive bunting - the fabrics were a range of polka dot cottons in lilac, pink, blue and black. I chose the blue polka dot and then bought half a metre of red polka dot and the darker coloured tarten you can see in the photo. I found a lighter red tarten in the scrap box that we had permission to raid.
It was only after Nat send me the photo of me looking dead proud of my bunting that I realised that the colour combinations of my sweater and trousers match perfectly!! How twee.