Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fashion Life Drawing Class at Cass Art Islington

I enjoyed a great evening art class at Cass Art on the 17th October. The event is hosted by the lovely illustrator Francesco La Ianoco who organises a gorgeous model and a graduate fashion designer to showcase some amazing outfits.

We were treated to the striking fashion by Maddy Stringer who has produced the most stunning PVC coats that were vividly coloured and wildly sculptural. Check out the photos and a selection of my studies below. The evening was split into a series of 10-minute and 15-minute poses with two contrasting outfits. I used a variety of media including watercolour pencils, marker pens, inks, oil pastel and watercolours.

A 5-minute study in oil pastel, pro-marker and watercolours
A 10-minute sketch with pro-marker and watercolours
20-minute sketch with oil pastel, pro-markers and watercolours

A 10-minute sketch with pro-markers and watercolours
A 5-minute study in watercolours
A 10-minute sketch with pro-markers and watercolours

A 10-minute sketch in oil pastel and pro-markers
A 15-minute sketch in watercolours and pro-markers
A 5-minute sketch in oil pastel and chalk-pencil
A 10-minute sketch in pro-markers
A 10-minute sketch in watercolour
I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Cass Art whiling away two hours with paints and marker pens. I would highly recommend going to any type of life drawing class if you like drawing and painting because it really challenges you in new and interesting ways. The structural construction of Molly Stringer's garments was such fun to draw!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Adventures in Rye

My friend Charlotte and I had the most glorious October escape away from London last weekend in East Sussex. Rye is a beautiful town with red tiled housing and cobbled streets. It is steeped with history at every corner and was a visual feast for the eyes.

The morning was spent walking around the town popping into charity and antique shops. I bought some vintage Sylko sewing threads for 50p each which was a little bargain. There was a fab craft fair at the Old Literary Society building where I spend a very reasonable £10 on some gorgeous hand-crafted pottery for Christmas presents.

Amazing views were seen from atop the Bell Tower at St. Mary's Parish church which is a highly recommended thing to do. We had lunch at a lovely cafe called The Fig which served gorgeous fresh salads and hand-made quiche and cakes. The afternoon was spent enjoying the sun and sea at Camber Sands. We took the local bus to the coast and had such a relaxing afternoon soaking up the sun and paddling in the sea. I couldn't believe that the sea actually felt warm considering it was October!

I hope you enjoy the photos I took during my weekend including some fast and fun 15-minute watercolour paintings of the coastline looking out towards the headland at Hastings.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Marimekko River Quilt Update

I started the Jenny Haynes River quilt at a workshop at Village Haberdashery in April 2017. Over a year and a half later I am still enjoying the patient process of quiltmaking.

I joined Jenny Haynes again for a Finish that Quilt workshop at VH last Friday and had a lovely evening of chatter and some good progress on my quilt. To make things more interesting I decided to create an improvised quilt backing using all the left-over sections of fabric to save having to buy more new fabric. I think it has made a really interesting quilt backing and I am looking forward to seeing how it is going to look when I eventually get around to quilting the whole thing.

My finished improvisation 'scrappy' quilt back using leftover fabrics from the river quilt making
Jenny gave us some tips about how to sandwich the wadding (batting for USA readers) between the quilt top and backing. We laid the quilt back face down on the floor and masking taped it down carefully smoothing out any wrinkles working from the centre of each side outwards.

Jenny explaining how to sandwich the wadding with the backing fabric and quilt-top to the rest of the Finish that Quilt class. This is the first stage where you lay out the backing fabric face down and tape in place
Next, lay down the wadding. Smooth any bumps or wrinkles but take care not to stretch the wadding by being too aggressive with the smoothing out stage.

Lastly, lay the quilt top over the whole thing making sure it is lined up with the quilt backing. Ideally, the quilt backing should be an inch larger all the way around the quilt as well as the quilting wadding. You can see the white wadding sticking out all around my quilt-top.

Keep on pinning!
I purchased some quilting safety pins which are bent at a 45-degree angle to make it easier to pin together. Jenny advised me to apply the safety pins in the direction I am going to do the quilting stitching. I have chosen to machine stitch length-ways on the black sections and machine stitch width-ways on the grey. On the multi-patterned 'river' part will be a smorgasbord of hand-quilting techniques which I will explore as I go!

Jenny and I co-ordinating our socks with my quilt!
I am looking forward to seeing how it develops as I stitch each section.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Marker pen & Washi tape fun!

I work dangerously close to the art shop Cass Art's flagship store in Islington. A few days after payday Cass Art kindly organised a huge sale. It would have been rude not to take advantage and I had a little blow-out on a few sets of Letraset and Winsor & Newton Pro-makers and a little postcard pad.

Yesterday I spent a fun hour or two creating lots of colourful patterns with my new marker pens and Washi tapes from my stash. I must dash as I've got lots of postcards to write!















Which is your favourite design? I'm feeling the orange and blue abstract grid design (#10) today!