Saturday, 3 May 2014


I have managed to successfully wear two items of me-made garments so far in the challenge and as I pledged for the Mon-Fri work-wear stuff today is a 'rest-day'!

It has been an interesting challenge already (only a few days in) and it has really made me think about what I do and don't wear from my me-made-makes. I have compiled them into images below and you can see the 'refined' selection I have to co-ordinate my outfits from.


  • The largest image (black and white striped Colette Sorbetto) I wear the most
  • Love the patterned and white pin-ticked Colette Sorbetto's next
  • I NEVER wear the red silk oriental top which I made to wear at my friends wedding in the mid 1990's (why I have still got it I don't know?)
  • I only just made the BHL Polly top so yet to wear her
  • The black and white spotty Grainline Scout Woven T gets quite a bit of wear but the back is a bit too big - so I need to adjust it
  • The blue patterned Tilly & the Buttons Mathilde blouse gets some wear but I think I made it with too thick a cotton so it feels a bit stiff

  • My polka dot 'Hirst skirt' was self-drafted from a skater skirt waaaaay back in the early 2000's - its made from some Ikea furnishing fabric and it has had A LOT of wear over the years
  • I wear the black self-drafted skirt quite a bit too ripping off a Gap skirt from around 2006
  • The blue and grey self-drafted bustle skirts don't really get that much wear - I have to be in the mood for these babies because they are a bit of a statement
  • Cerise pink Collete Ginger skirt gets quite a bit of wear
  • Red Simplicity 5154 pencil skirt gets lots of wear
  • I love the Clothkits Trellick Tower skirt but you can't wear it too regularly because its so distinctive!
  • Finally the bright pink polka dot mid-length circle skirt that I whipped up for a fancy dress event never gets worn - it also doesn't have a hem! Lazy me ; )


Despite loving dresses and wearing my RTW ones quite a bit for work I have only made a measly three dresses (and one of them is a vintage repair / re-fit)
  • I wear the 1960's vintage dress quite a bit because the fabric is gorgeous, the drape of the fabric is amazing and the fit is absolutely perfect!
  • The crazy-paisley self-drafted Top-Shop dress I haven't worn in public yet... and I made it about 6 years ago!
  • The black and white Simplicity 9620 shift dress has yet to be blogged about as I only finished it on Monday 

I haven't got any me-made trousers that are still in my wardrobe (previous attempts have been trashed) so it looks like an obvious area for developement - I am going to start with some PJ bottoms which I have been meaning to do for a while.

Well, it could be quite a repeatitive month clothes-wise if I don't finish these WIP's (works in progress):
  • Red large spotty Colette Sorbetto top
  • Chevon stripe bias Colette Ginger skirt
  • Red small spotty Grainline Scout T

How are you getting on with MMM?
Are you going to make any new things to fill some wardrobe gaps?
What do you think I should make next?


  1. Wow, you've made some really good progress on your MMM-inspired wardrobe review already! I'm a bit worried that my outfits will become repetitive by the end of the month as I don't have a whole lot of me-made pieces yet. Two things I've really noticed already from MMM'14: I need make myself some trousers too and I sew way more skirts than tops, so I should probably address that imbalance! I think this month is going to be an interesting learning curve :)
    So are those PJs your next from-scratch sewing project?

    1. Hi Sue,
      I definitely need to make some trousers and maybe a few more dresses too; although its unlikely that I will get that done during this month.
      MMM is an excellent opportunity to really looking at your wardrobe and assessing what you actually wear (rather than what you think / would like to wear). I never realised how many skirts I had made - and I never really think of myself of somebody who wears a lot of skirts but after this month I will HAVE to because the bulk of my me-made-makes are skirts!
      Good luck with MMM and I will be regularly popping over to Ladystitcher to see how you are getting on ; )