Friday, 31 October 2014

Lego + Mex

After reading Time Out's great review for the Art of the Brick exhibition and then a very favourable write up about DF/Mexico it turns out they are both in the Old Trueman Brewery building at Brick Lane which seemed like it was meant to be. Rachel was my cultural partner in crime and we had a great time oohh-ing and ahhh-ing over the creative fun and sheer volume of Lego bricks used in Nathan Sawaya's sculptures.

It is a really fun exhibition!

And then onto the lush Mexican feast at DF/Mexico.... build your own tortillas with steak, peppers and onions, red colslaw, hand-smashed guacamole and corn tortillas. Soooooooo good!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Coat fabric research

In a week or two I will be embarking on an exciting adventure that is outer garment making. Yes, I will be making my first ever winter coat. I have decided I need help in this area so signed up for a workshop at Sew Over It at their Clapham shop.
Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It designed the coat based on a 1960's silhouette which I think is really simple and stylish. Here she is below modelling two versions:

I am not sure whether to go for a statement bold coloured coat or a more neutral colour?!
I have collected a few samples of 100% wool coating from MacCulloch & Wallis, John Lewis and Shaukat so far.

I love the idea of making a striped, checked or dogtooth coat but recognise that I really should just cover the basics of making a coat first without making it too difficult for myself by adding stripe or pattern matching into the mix.

The 100% boiled wools in the left middle and centre bottom look gorgeous but at the moment I am veering towards the navy and white herringbone fabric at the bottom right. It feels lovely and I am thinking of adding a very bright coloured lining to make it a little bit special.

I am taking a trip to Gold Hawk Road on Friday to do some more research (and hopefully find some cheaper versions). The costings of the 100% wool fabric from the above shops range between £17 - £30 per metre so I can't afford to make a mistake when I need 3 metres to make this coat!

What colour do you think I should go for?
Any suggestions for shops that sell 100% wool fabric in London?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Late at the Tate

I went to see the private view of the Late Turner exhibition with my friend Rachel at Tate Britain the other week. If you get a chance to see this exhibition I would highly recommend it. I was surprised how much I enjoyed his work.
Seeing so many Turner paintings in one place has a huge impact; his amazing use of light and delicate colour palettes are gorgeous!

I was also excited to see the Phyllida Barlow installation that was a series of site specific sculptures entitled 'Docks'. The show ended at the weekend and I was so happy to get a chance to see the sculptures because they were so crazy, huge, over-whelming, fun and serious all at the same time.

Phyllida Barlow's Dock sculptural installation at Tate Briatin, 6th October 2014
We also checked out the four finalists for the 2014 Turner Prize.
There are three video installation artists in the final this year which I wasn't that bothered about. My favourite entry was by Ciara Phillips. She has created a screen printed room and worked with other artists and womens' groups to create a collaborative art piece.

Ciara Phillip's very Warholesque screen-printed room at Tate Britain
Ciara Phillip's screen printed room
Have you seen this year's Turner Prize entries? 
What do you think of them?