Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tilly and the Makegood Festival

I met Tilly today from Tilly and the Buttons fame at the rather fabulous Makegood Festival that was held at the Old Selfridges Hotel in London this weekend. I bought tickets for the event for myself and my lovely friend Natalie after reading about it on Tilly's blog and subsequently reading about it in last Tuesday's Metro!

It looks a bit gloomy but inside this building was lots of fun!
Last summer I took Tilly's Mathilde Blouse weekend workshop at Ray Stitch in Islington and was pleasantly surprised that she remembered my name as she wrote a message in a copy of her new book Love at First Stitch.

Tilly wanted me to model the new stylish T&tB bag to promote her new book Love at First Stitch
I bought Tilly's new book and the much blogged about Coco top too, which meant I received a fab new bag to put everything in. What a lovely lady!

OK, I know I didn't really 'need' a new sewing pattern considering my purchases on Friday but hey a girl has to treat herself every now and then.... I just got a new job.... my toe is still broken.... erm I'm running out of excuses... help me out here girls!

Makegood Festival goodies. And VERY good they are too!


  1. Enjoy all the new patterns! Any idea what you'll make first?

  2. I think I'm going to start with the PJ's ; )

  3. I've just put the book on order - quite fancy making the PJs too! Is she as nice in real life as she comes across on the blog?

    1. Hi Jo - yes, Tilly is a little cutie and she really is that nice too!

  4. It was so nice to see you again, Caroline! You make a lovely model. Oh dear, I seem to be pulling stupid faces like that in every single photo from the weekend!!