Sunday, 4 May 2014

John Lewis 150 Years

This may be a strange thing to blog about (and before I go any further, NO I am not sponsored by John Lewis - I wish) but John Lewis the famous British department store is celebrating 150 years over the next month. I only know this because I spotted this article in last week's Grazia magazine (don't judge me, a girl needs some vices!)

Grazia magazine's John Lewis 150 years article
The reason I was drawn to the article was the news about a line of collections celebrating John Lewis' work with many famous designers - namely one of my all time favourite textile designers, Lucienne Day. I love her work soooo much,here are some examples of her prints:

Lucienne Day prints ranging from 1950 - 1960
I drooled over the simple 1950's style pattern in the new John Lewis collection and thought it bore a striking resemblance to my Tilly and the Button's Mathilde blouse I made last year (blogged about here)

My Tilly & the Buttons Mathilde blouse from last last summer - an uncanny resemblance in my fabric choice!!
CJ Made vs Lucienne Day at John Lewis
I investigated further because I wanted to look at the whole collection to see what items of clothing they had and look at any alternative colour-ways.
Here is what they are offering in the John Lewis-Lucienne Day 150 Year celebration collection:

It's at this point of the research I started thinking; wow, that's quite expensive, and I bet I could make one of those.....

As it happens yes, I CAN (and you can too) because they have also brought out these lovely prints as cotton fabric so you can buy as much metrage / colourway / design you want and make what-ever you fancy! I popped down to the John Lewis store on Oxford Street to investigate further.
On my way up to Haberdashery on the 4th floor
The window displays for John Lewis were gorgeous!
Right at the entrance of the haberdashery department was a fabulous Lucienne Day display with a 1950's style dress with lots of beautiful prints and colour-ways!
Lots of Lucienne Day prints.......mmmmmm...delicious
Agghhhh, I like them all!
The cost for a metre is £22.00, so they are pitching at the same price as a Liberty Print (i.e. expensive). The shop assistant says they will only be in stock for a limited time, so if you really like the look of these juicy designs you had better hot-foot it down to your nearest John Lewis store!
I am going to save up for a metre or two of some of the designs, although I keep changing my mind which one I like the best.....

Do you like 1950's prints? 
Which design would you buy?


  1. I love Lucienne Day too, and admire these every time I go into JL (one of very few good reasons to go to Westfield Stratford). I might just have to crack soon. I like the brown diamond-y print near the bottom of your last photo especially. I just wish they were more like a lawn or viscose type with more drape.

    1. Yes Katie - I love that print too although I think I'd like it in the blue. I know what you mean about the drape - its relatively stiff cotton, so maybe need to think about a structured garment to take advantage?
      I think I might crack soon but I will need to wait until my next pay-day ; )

  2. Nice to meet you on Saturday. I didn't know they were only available for a limited time. Ooh pressure, I'll have to get them soon. I'm a big fan of Lucienne Day too and went to an amazing exhibition on Robin and Lucienne Day at the PM gallery in Ealing a few years ago. I've posted about the fabric range too and have picked out a few favourites.