Sunday, 18 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014 week three and NYLon14

Wow, week three has been crazy! Firstly the sun has been out so it has opened up more wardrobe options, which is great... and secondly I got through to the interview stage (on Thursday) for a new job I applied for on Monday - is it weird that some of my first thoughts about the interview was "What me-made things can I wear?"

Onto the me-made round-up where I managed to wear me-mades for six out of the seven days.

Day 12
  • Colette Sorbetto in white polka dot cotton. I modified the pattern by adding pin-tucks.
  • Gap black trousers
  • Gap green cardigan
  • Me-made Tatty Devine bunting necklace
  • Paul Smith purple Dante brogues
My old faithful Gap trousers let me down on Monday because during the morning I felt a little extra waft of air around my derriere and realised to my horror that the back of my trousers had literally worn away and ripped. 
Luckily, I have a sewing machine at work so I fashioned a wrap style skirt out of a big scrap of fabric and quickly sewed a patch on the hole! I never thought I would be adding to my me-made wardrobe with some on-the-spot mending!

Day 13
  • Simplicity 2154 in red twill. Such a lovely fit on this - I definitely need to make another one!
  • Gap white and navy polka dot shirt
  • Paul Smith blue Miller brogues

Day 14
  • Grainline Scout Tee in black and white polka dot cotton - I need to take some of the excess fabric out of the back by running a centre seam through it. I felt slightly uncomfortable in this the whole day.
  • Blue Gap trousers
  • Uniqlo scarf Celia Bertwell collection
  • Paul Smith grey Dante brogues

Day 15 - Job interview day
  • Me-made Tatty Devine bunting necklace
  • Gap black and white polka top blouse
  • United Colours of Bennetton charcoal grey suit (bought in the sale for £45 three years ago)
  • Gap charcoal grey tights
  • Paul Smith red Miller brogues
Bit of a tricky one here because I felt a lot of my me-made clothes would not be suitable for a job interview. Needless to say I managed to sneak in my me-made Tatty Devine necklace into to mix. In case you are wondering, I GOT THE JOB! Yipeeeeee

Day 16 - Too Pretty for Pants
  • 1960's Vintage dress - me-mended (fixed a hole, re-covered the butti=ons and did some minor fittings adjustments)
  • Warehouse black leggings
  • Clarks gold sandals 
I wasn't sure what the Friday theme was all about, but I guessed it was about not wearing pants (which in a UK sense could get you arrested in some parts of the country - but from a US perspective it means NO trousers... I assume?)

Day 17 - NYLon14 - Sewing bloggers meet up at the V&A
  • Simplicity 9620 - in a lovely soft medium weight cotton with some stretch bought from Samuel Taylors in Leeds
  • Top Shop black belt (not in this photo)
  • Clarks gold sandals (not in this photo)
Yesterday was such a gloriously sunny day for NYLon 2014 - it was my first ever attendance to a sewing bloggers meet-up and I wasn't sure what to expect. I did know that I wanted to walk to the V&A because the weather was so lovely so I set off at 09.30 and got there with plenty of time to spare.

After signing up to attend the event via Rachel's blog over at houseofpinheiro I knew I would wear my yet to be blogged about SImplicity 9620 because its such a lovely fabric and its a comfortable dress to wear (after wearing my other black and white plaid version on the first day of Me-Made-May). It was the perfect choice due to the weather turning out soooo lovely and warm the simple shift dress was not too clingy and the bright coloured print was nice and cheerful for such a fab morning.

Here is a great shot of all the sewing blogers and their fabulous hand-made garments. Check out the gorgeous colours, prints and styles - such amazing ladies!!

I mis-understood about the NYLon name tag swap - this had been organised by Rachel a month or two ago where she had paired up bloggers to make name tags for each other (which I didn't realise and made my own tag). I started it on Friday night and then got up early on Saturday to finish off; the advantage of making your own is that it co-ordinated with my outfit!

The following ladies and I had a good old chat about sewing, patterns, seams and pretty much any other sewing related stuff at NYLon and I am going to add them to my blogroll. It was really great to meet you all:


  1. Love the fact that you just got on with it and mended jeans at work :-)

    Skirt looks lovely!

    1. Thanks Catherine - yes the trouser repair was quite an unexpected addition to the Me-Made journey. Yes I really like the Simplicity 2154 skirt - its such a nice fit.

  2. Another group of lovely me-made outfits! :-) I love the colours of your new shift dress, perfect for summer! I was so sorry to not be able to make it to London this weekend but it's great to hear how much everyone enjoyed the meet-up.

    1. Its a shame you couldn't make it to the meet up yesterday - there will always be another one. I only stayed for the initial meet-up at the V&A whcih was lots of fun but I didn't want the tempation of Goldhawk Road in the afternoon because I have just bought a whole bunch of fabric and I'm trying to be good this year and not collect stash fabrics just because I like them.
      I love the ikat fabric of my new shift dress - its so summery looking!
      How are you getting on with MMM week 3?

  3. Hi, it was nice to meet you last weekend - it was so great to meet people and find new blogs to read! I shall be addin you to my list too!

    1. Thanks Tamsin - I agree there was such a great atmoshpere last Saturday ; )