Monday, 22 April 2019

Advanced marbling workshop

Last year, I discovered the wonders of marbling with Freya at Paperwilds at her studio in Bermondsey. Recently, I attended a new session where I learnt more advanced marbling designs and practised previous techniques from the introduction to marbling session.

I arrived at the workshop uncharacteristically late because I decided to bike to the studio on my bike and promptly got lost somewhere on the Elephant and Castle roundabout! Thankfully, everybody was only just starting to mix some gouache colours in pots so I was able to get stuck in quickly!

Unfortunately, my first few marbling papers were a bit naff! After chatting with Freya she tells me 'the marbling gods are fickle beasts' and not to be too disappointed. Luckily, I found my flow again with a new technique called the 'wave'. To create this effect you move the paper backwards and forwards slightly as you place the paper onto the marble bath. This creates ridges or lines in the colour which create a wave effect.

As ever, Ludo the studio dog chilled out and was most placid and relaxed dog EVER! He occasionally did a bit of yoga and moved to the next sunny spot of the studio throughout the day.

Here are the classes marbling drying on the racks in the warm sunshine.

The 'fern'
The 'fern'
'Non-pariel' with a final pink layer

The 'shell' or 'peacock'
The 'American' (combination of Non-pareil and Gelgit)
The 'American' (combination of Non-pareil and Gelgit)
The 'wave' created by lifting the gouache in a stop-start rocking motion
The 'wave' 
The 'wave' 

The 'wave' 
I thoroughly enjoyed the advanced marbling workshop with Freya (and Ludo). I can see more marbling workshops in my future.
Just in case you wondered about what happened to my first lot of marbling. I finished making these delightful little sketchbooks for friends and family. I only have a few left, so I definitely needed a new supply of marbling paper to make new ones!

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Adventures in Bath

I had a little mini break last week in Bath with my friend Charlotte. We spent a lot of time walking around in the drizzle and visited the Fashion Museum, VV Rouleaux ribbon shop, the indoor Guildhall Market and an amazing place called Bayntun's booksellers. This was the last stop of our stay and we got an impromptu tour in the workshop where they repair and restore old books in the traditional way. It was such a rare treat and we got the chance to see some really interesting old machinery and tools for sewing books, binding and covering them.

We also ate lots of nice food at the Green Bird Cafe, The Green Rocket and the Landrace Bakery and I also got some time to do a little drawing and painting too!

Overall, a lovely little Bath adventure.
Amazing brunches at the Green Bird Cafe - I would highly recommend!
An amazingly drizzly view of Bath from the Bear Flat area
The famous Royal Crescent in the morning mist
Gorgeous doors on Wellsway
The glorious Margaret's Buildings home of the Green Bird Cafe
The Guildhall Market haberdashery
Painting my favourite breakfast of the holiday!

Amazing 18th Century tools from the Bayntun's bookbinders

The beautiful Pulteney Bridge florists

The famous Pulteney Bridge
A watercolour study of one of the raised walkways on Walcot Street