Sunday, 4 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014 week one

So I have slightly veered off my original pledge already!
My intention was to wear me-made-makes from Monday to Friday every week and then at the weekend wear my delightful DIY gear (Do-It-Yourself in the demolition / house renovation sense rather than the lovely sewing-blogesque stuff).

I totally forgot that this weekend is a Bank Holiday and me and my other half had already planned some house renovation for Monday - i.e. I will be wearing my DIY gear rather than a lovely me-made-mash-up. So whilst I was out and about today I made sure I wore a me-made outfit to cancel out my non-me-made tomorrow!... hope that makes sense?

I have joined the Flickr group so you can see my full outfits on there. Here is the breakdown of me-mades:

Day One
  • Simplicity 9620 black and white plaid shift dress (will blog about this later in the week)
  • Warehouse black leggings 
  • Paul Smith red dip-dyed Miller brogues
Day Two
  • Clothkits Trellick Tower skirt kit (People will always need plates collaboration)
  • Gap black long sleeved t
  • American Apparel black leggings
  • Black vans
Day Three
  • Colette Ginger skirt in cerise pink cotton (version 3, fully lined and cut on the bias)
  • Uniqlo t-shirt (Jonathan Adler collaboration)
  • Warehouse black leggings
  • Paul Smith purple Dante brogues
  • Marimekko necklace
Well as you can see straight away I seem to have favoured black, white and cerise pink for my first three me-made outfits - which I only really noticed when compiling the images for Flickr and this post. It wasn't intentional, honest?!

Tomorrow I will be wearing this delightfully decorated outfit for some fun activities including, re-routing central heating pipes, plumbing in a shower and fixing down plywood onto floor joists....


  1. Three great outfits to kick off MMM! (And a fourth obviously very practical outfit in there too :) ) The plaid shift dress is really cool, the fabric is perfect for the style!

    1. Thanks - I have already cut out another version of the shift dress which I plan to complete this week if I get time. It's actually super quick to make because their is no zip or buttons!

    2. That should have read 'there' is no zip oops spelling mistake!!

  2. Love this selection of outfits :-)