Wednesday, 31 May 2017

South London Adventures

I went on an adventure with my friend Charlotte to Brixton, Herne Hill and Dulwich. We went to the Kitchen Counter the newest Mae deli where we scoffed some nice food then we walked to Dulwich Picture Gallery and enjoyed the sculptures in the garden.

Talking of gardens, we walked past some amazing floral displays in the suburban streets of Herne Hill and Dulwich, in particular on Burbage Road.

Here is a selection of photos from the day:
An amazing mural outside a shop in Brixton en-route to Herne Hill

Pretty shops and cafes outside Herne Hill station
The Kitchen Counter at Herne Hill
A beautiful rose in a garden on Burbage Road in Herne Hill

A section of the Phlegm mural in the Dulwich Picture Gallery garden

Peter Randal-Page 2009 sculpture in the Dulwich Picture Gallery garden
Bartley's florist in Dulwich Village

Beautiful rugs and containers in Brixton Village indoor market


  1. It looks like you had a lovely day :). Such pretty photos!

  2. my sister did that mural and I helped her paint it ^^

    happy you enjoyed it!