Sunday, 7 May 2017

Food Observational Studies

I have been editing my art portfolio and came across these observational pencil studies of pineapples that I thought you would like to see. The focus of these pencil drawings was to show texture through the depth of line.

This second collection are mixed media pieces based on Japanese food. I used tracing paper as a base and used acrylic paint and marker pens to create the sweets. The noodles are represented with strips of masking tape.

The next study is mixed media using a combination of collage, watercolour, acrylic and varnish. The packet on the left is Japanese Miso paste with a small red box of chewy sweets bottom right. Shitake mushrooms and birds eye chillies complete the composition.

 This final piece was based on Gluttony; one of the seven deadly sins. I used a combination of magazine collage, watercolour, designers gouache, inks and wax crayon resist techniques. All studies of food were from observation rather than from a secondary source.

Food is a subject matter that I come back to again and again. I especially like the juxtaposition of the textures and colours of natural food versus the graphic text and patterns of packaged food.

Have you got any 'go-to' things that you like to draw or paint?

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  1. I am really looking forward to going back to uni in September but pert of me wishes I was going to to the foundation studies in art. I regretted not doing it after sixth form. Maybe when I am an old lady! These are great, love the line drawings.

  2. I really like the very first drawing - you could make a great monochrome fabric with that!

  3. I love them all! You inspired me to create an artwork around coffee as both my husband and I are coffee lovers :).

    1. Thanks Teodora. I look forward to seeing your coffee inspired artwork!

  4. Such different techniques and results. I love seeing all your varied art. The pineapple line drawings are just lovely.