Saturday, 20 May 2017

Paolozzi Exhibition Inspires Sketchbook Explorations


In anticipation of the screen printing workshop I attended on Saturday I worked on some ideas and designs for the screen-print design in my sketchbook.

I was inspired by a recent visit to the Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery two weekends ago. It was full of amazing art, prints, collages and sculptures.

Paolozzi Tapestry
Paolozzi Screen Prints
Paolozzi printed dress, 1970's with Wedgewood Plates 

Paolozzi Screen Prints, 1960's
1953 Cocktail Dress in Paolozzi designed fabric
Screen Printed Designs 1950 - 52
1950's Screen Printed Fabric
I love Paolozzi's use of abstract shapes, blocked colours and contrasting lines. Using these ideas as a starting point for my designs I developed a range of ideas in my sketchbook.

Collage and scrap-booking in my sketchbook

Mixed media design using acrylic, marker pens and washi tape
Detail of scrap-book collage
Mixed media piece with watercolours and marker pens

I ended up choosing something completely different from the images above for my screen-print design, but I had a lot of fun creating these art works.

Which is your favourite design?


  1. Great to see how the exhibition inspired you! Not sure I could pick a favourite design, I love them all for different reasons :)
    My plain white fabric arrived this week, so will try and do my own prints inspired by the exhibition soon!

    1. Very excited about your white fabric - I'm looking forward to seeing your experiments and designs.

  2. Oh I love all your sketches here but particularly the green one. I'm hoping to get to see this exhibition soon. I hadn't realised what a variety of mediums he worked in.

    1. Thanks Kathryn - I should have mentioned in my post but the exhibition closed last weekend - sorry you missed it : (

  3. You are so creative, I love the many designs you came up with.

  4. What a lovely exhibition, and I love the art you made afterwards. I especially love the blue swirly one at the end.