Monday, 6 May 2019

Me Made May 2019 Week One

This is the fifth year I have taken part in Me-Made-May. During the first week of MMM I wore the following outfits:

Wednesday 1st May
Top: Merchant and Mills Camber Set Top  Fabric: HM Samuels ikat print viscose. Made: 2016 
Trousers: Oliver Bonas
Watch: Clear G Shock
Socks: Gap
Shoes: Paul Smith Burgundy Loafers

I love this top and you can read in my previous post how I have prolonged its life since the shoulder seams burst open at the end of the day!

Thursday 2nd May
Dress: So Over It Alex Shirt Dress. Fabric: Stoff and Stil. Made: 2017 
Watch: White G Shock
Shoes: Paul Smith Burgundy Loafers

This dress has had a lot of wear since I made it in 2017. I have another cut out ready to sew up in a black leaf-print viscose that was gifted to me last year. I just need to get around to sewing it up!

Friday 3rd May
Dress: Christine Haynes Emery Dress. Fabric: Viscose, Chapel Street Market. Made: 2017
Watch: White G Shock
Cardigan: Next via Oxfam, Highgate
Bangle: Oxfam, Putney
Trainers: Nike

A relaxed vibe with my Emery dress on Friday. I suspect the looser fit of this dress is mainly down to me cutting out a larger size although it has shrunk a little in the two years I have been wearing it. I ripped the side seam at lunchtime and spent a little time mending it this weekend.

Saturday 4th May
Top: Eva sweatshirt. Fabric: Tilly and the Buttons sweatshirt fleece. Made: 2019
Pants: Peak Performance jogging pants

I recently blogged about this sweatshirt and wasn't quite happy with the sleeves. The solution? I chopped them off to just above elbow length and I have worn it so much more now!

Sunday 5th May
Dressing Gown: Buchanan Fabric: Paul Frank. Made: 2017

I spent the majority of the day pottering around the house cleaning, sorting and chilling with my dressing gown on! That's what Bank Holiday weekends are for, right? This is my most worn make since sewing it two years ago. I have a second cut out ready to sew together so I can rotate between washes.

How is your Me-Made-May coming along?
Have you discovered any new items of clothing from following other peoples social media and blogs that you would like to make?


  1. Lots of lovely makes! Hope you enjoy your 5th me made may. I'm not officially taking part, but have now gotten to the point that it is rare I'm not wearing at least one me made each day anyway. I am seeing some lovely versions of the Frankie top and Stella joggers from Tilly's latest book which is reminding me that I want to make those patterns!

    1. I too am wearing me-made as an everyday thing too. I feel that I learnt a lot last year documenting things that I do / don't wear which made my wardrobe more streamlined.
      You have got some amazing things - I need your advice about buying good quality knit fabric for more basic tops!