Sunday, 5 May 2019

Marimekko River Quilt Update and Me-Mending

Since making a more conscious effort to create a hand-made wardrobe over five years ago I have taken part in an annual event called Me Made May set up by Zoe from So Zo blog. For MMM you pledge a personal challenge for May relating to your own me-made wardrobe and things you want to achieve or address over the course of a month. My pledge this year is:
I will write a separate post about my first week of MMM tomorrow so I can focus on my me-mending today. It was like I had jinxed myself by specifically mentioning me-mended items because this week two items I have made ended up needing mending!

The first item is a beloved Camber Set Top which I made in May 2016 from a lovely soft, drapey viscose. Both the shoulder French seams have burst open and started fraying as you can see in the photos below. A similar thing happened to the neckline which I mended with black bias tape.

To fix the fraying shoulders I used a zig-zag stitch a few times over the area to strengthen and pull together the seams. Next, I pinned a length of black bias tape I luckily had in my stash and used a straight stitch to secure it over the shoulder seam hiding the mending and continued down the sleeve to create a 'design-feature'!

I was really happy how this turned out!
The second fix I did was a very straight forward mend. I caught my Christine Haynes Emery dress (made in September 2017) on a door at work and it ripped the side-seam near the pocket. It was a simple seam fix and I reinforced it with some zig-zag stitching too. I didn't take a photo of the finished fix because you couldn't really see it (I guess that was the idea!).
I also wanted to update you on my Marimekko River quilt. I attended another 'finish the quilt' session with Jenny Haynes at Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead where Jenny taught me how to bind my quilt. I finished hand-stitching the binding this afternoon and I am very happy how it looks. I will still hand-quilt and embroider sections of the 'river' whenever I feel an urge to do some stitching during the remainder of the year. I started the quilt-top in a class with Jenny in April 2017, so it has taken some time to come together. What I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Be warned, there are lots of photos!


  1. The quilt looks amazing Caroline, and I've always loved your Marimekko decor. It really looks wonderful and modern , congratulations on finishing it!

  2. Love the design feature fix on the Camber top, great idea! And such a lovely quilt, great job! I'm still working on a quilting cushion cover that I started over a year ago, so I very much admire your perseverance with a full size quilt!

    1. Yes, it doesn't seem like 2 years have passed making the quilt. I luckily was so in love with the prints and colour scheme that I never got tired or bored with it. I still have lots more hand-embroidery and stitching fun to go on this too!

  3. Yay! You've finished your beautiful quilt, it looks amazing!
    I love your mending too, the tape has worked really well as a feature on those seams.