Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Fashion Illustration at Cass Art with Francesco Lo Iacono

I have attended a number of Francesco's classes at Cass Art, Islington (here & here) and they are always a wonderful experience. Francesco has a calm and nurturing tutoring style and is a very positive person. The cost is a very reasonable £15 for a 2-hour session with all materials included for drawing or painting. Francesco has amazing contacts in models and fashion designers showcasing two outfits for the duration of the session. Last week we had a beautiful model, Jesika July wearing Radvile Kisieliute's clothes that were full of texture and interesting construction.

The sketches range from 5-minute to 15-minute studies and I used pencil and watercolour paints during this class. Life drawing is equal parts liberating and frustrating having to work so quickly on art. It is great when the sketch isn't going that well so you can move rapidly onto a new drawing, but sometimes you want to spend some more time adding further detail or improving the quality of the line. That is the joy of practising life-drawing!

I would like to work back into some of my unfinished sketches when I get a moment to add more colour and detail that I didn't get the chance to during the class.
Join me at the next class on 13th June whilst there are places left! 

I worked into the above sketches for about 30 minutes each and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I used Windsor and Newton Promarkers and Sharpies to add more depth of colour in layers.


  1. I used to love life drawing classes when I did A level Art. One day I will return to it I am sure. Your work has a great flow. Jo xxx

    1. Maybe when your house is finished you can paint something for one of your lovely new rooms!

  2. This sounds like so much fun. I've not done any life drawing since I was at school, the thought of drawing faces really frightens me! I love watching the portrait artist program on tv though, that always amazes me. It's actually really impressive how much you captured in just 5 minutes and then 15 minutes.

  3. That class sounds really great! I love the comparison of the ten minutes vs forty minutes photos.