Sunday, 10 February 2019

Eva Sweatshirt & LCC Craft Swish 2019

After making the Nina Lee Richmond Blazer I wanted a quick and fun make that wasn't too taxing on the brain. I came across a free pattern whilst sorting through my stash for the London Craft Club Big Craft Swish last Sunday at Cecil Sharp House in Camden.

I'll tell you about the Big Craft Swish first and give details about the sweatshirt later!

In preparation for the Swish, I reduced my stash by two bags of fabric and returned from the swish with a 2-metre piece of heart printed polyester and a half metre of lovely soft green stripe knit cotton.

There was a lovely bunch of people at the Swish. I bumped into my good friend Alex who had recently had a massive de-stash herself. She rather admirably left with NO swish items which was very impressive!

The walk through the park to get to Cecil Sharp house was beautiful. The calm before the thrill of the swish storm!

All the volunteers worked really hard and I had the good fortune of catching up with Geraldine who attends lots of London Craft Club events which was fab. A big thank you goes out to Sonia and Zoe from LCC for organising such a great event!

Onto my new sweatshirt. The free Eva Collection Sweatshirt pattern involved just a few pieces and I was drawn to the interesting chevron sleeve details. It is a great pattern for using up small sections of fabric. I had a few scraps of leftover black jersey from the Monroe Turtleneck and I bought a 0.8-metre piece of this cool 'junk-food' sweat-shirting in the Tilly and the Buttons flash sale last week.

I cut it out last Sunday afternoon and sewed it together at the Sewing Social at the Village Haberdashery on Thursday evening. In my head, this top was going to be the cutest but with an 'edge' style sweatshirt. In reality, it hasn't quite worked out that well.

The back neckline gapes terribly (and I used a walking foot too), the sleeves are too long after I added some impromptu cuffs (easy to rectify, I know!) and the overall fit is not what I imagined. It is also partly due to the lack of grey fabric that meant I had to add the extra black section on the lower sleeve which in hindsight breaks up the style lines too much!

On the plus side, it is very cosy, so maybe it will be relegated to an 'inside-only' garment.
Maybe I should chop off the sleeves at the 3/4 point, as I think the two different weights of fabric do not sit very well together?
What do you think?

Have you had any sewing disappointments lately?


  1. I think it looks great - maybe if you took the cuffs off you might be happier with it?

    1. Yes maybe Tamsin. I will wear a few more times and see what I think!

  2. Definitely make it 3/4 or even short sleeved (even though you were drawn to the chevron detail) it is so cold in our house I would wear it in bed! Swish looks great fun. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo. Yes, I am coming around to the idea of the 3/4 sleeve option too!

  3. I think it is cute! I would probably cut off the sleeve at the three quarter point where your first fabric contrast is. Regarding the back if you can't face unpicking the back sleeves to take some fabric out to reduce the neck, you could cut a small slit at the back neck just big enough to make a fake placket. Face both sides of that and add a button and loop at the top when you are happy it is lying flat.