Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mathilde blouse

I attended a workshop in May to make the 'Tilly and the Buttons' Mathilde blouse at the fabric shop / cafe called Ray Stitch in Islington. I invited my friend Hayley to join me for the weekend to attend the workshop which was held on Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 5pm. Ray Stitch is a lovely little haberdashery that sells some gorgeous fabric and notions along with great tea and coffee (and cakes).

Tilly was a great tutor, helping everybody through the various stages of the Mathilde blouse construction that included; pin-tucking, stay stitching, machine gathers, basting, French seams, and rolled hems. I had to put in the sleeves two times and am not completely happy with the pin tucks at the front because one is slightly out at each side (luckily they are the same ones for symmetry's sake).

It has taken me quite a while (nearly two months) to finish the Mathilde blouse - it just needed the button holes slitting and buttons hand-sewing! Anyway here it is with a slight nautical-esque theme with the blue 'bunting' printed fabric with red stripy buttons.

If I make another Mathilde I will definitely use a plainer fabric because you don't even notice the pin-tuck detailing at the front because of the busy fabric. Nevermind, at least I know for next time.....


  1. Woohoo, way to go. I'm glad you finished it because I think this fabric is fab. Invisible pin tucks - pah... we both know they're there really!).

  2. Thanks x You are very kind to say so. I definitely think you had the right idea with your beautiful peacock blue fabric which had more space around the design to show off your fantastic handi-work on the sewing machine x

  3. Wow, your blouse came out just beautifully! I love the fabric and how you chose the orange buttons to set it off. I see what you mean about the lines competing with the pintucks, but, really, just because a design feature is there, does not mean you always have to highlight it. You can always chose to highlight something else, like in this case, the fabric and pop of colour from the buttons. Next time, you can highlight the pintucks. I think it also makes for a more interesting wardrobe that way.

  4. Thanks Catja! I have some plain soft cotton lawn in red which might end up as a second Mathilde but I will see I have bought a couple of other patterns recently and am itching to try out a new one (Oh yes and finish off a couple of UFO's at the bottom of the wardrobe) : )

  5. Oh my gosh, we're basically morphing into the same person!! Loving your work Cazza! I'm thinking of doing mine in a nautical fabric - coral with navy boats on it. Jealous that you went to a workshop - there isn't much opportunity for that over in HK.