Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hirst skirt

I have worn this skirt lots of times and I wish that I had made a paper pattern so I could easily make another version. It was drafted from an old skater skirt and I free-styled the construction using some spotty furnishing cotton from Ikea that reminded me of Damian Hirst's spot paintings - hence the Hirst skirt title!

I fashioned a back split and completed the back seam with top stitching to create a stronger seam.

Hirst skirt with side pockets.
I used a baby pink scrap fabric to line the pockets and top stitched to create a piped edge to the pocket. 
Detail of the pocket 'piping' due to the top-stitching on the edge of the pocket.


  1. Wow... this skirt is great. Exactly the kind of fabric I'm drawn to. I like what you did with the pockets too.

  2. Thanks. I would like to make another version of this skirt, but after I have made a few more tops. After doing my extensive blog updates today I realise how many skirts I have made. I need to balance out the ratio a bit!