Saturday, 27 July 2013

Clothkits Trellick Tower skirt

Well this project has been a long time in the making - it has been in my stash pile for nearly four years!

A little bit of history; firstly what is Clothkits? It has had a resurgence since its heyday from the 1970's by Anne Kennedy. It was a mail order company that sold fabric with the sizes printed on it for you to sew it together at home.

It re-launched in 2008 with a new collection of garments and things to sew for the home. I came across Clothkits again at the Harrogate Knit and Stitch show in 2010 and had lovely nostalgic memories of when my mum made clothes for me on her singer sewing machine from Clothkits in the 70's!
When I saw the 'People will always need plates' design collaboration I HAD to buy the kit for the Trellick Tower skirt in magenta.

I decided to make it after discovering it again in my fabric stash last month. Here are the step-by-step photos.

The skirt design is printed on the fabric; you just select your size to cut out the appropriate pieces.
The instructions and notions are included in the kit.

I selected my size and cut out the five sections of the skirt.
The finished skirt! I decided to add bias binding on the bottom because the skirt length would have been too short for my liking, but I think it compliments the bold graphic design quite well.

I really enjoyed making this skirt it only took a couple of hours to make and I would probably make another Clothkits garment again. I have my eye on this skirt next. 


  1. Great skirt... I can't believe this sat around before you made it.

  2. Thanks - I know! Hopefully if I buy another Clothkits skirt it won't take me another four years to make it next time!!

  3. It's a lovely design :-) I saw their 'grown up' stuff when I checked out their website and the designs are really beautiful. Wonder what one does about fit issues??
    Great to find your blog - I used to row (or rather mostly cox) many years ago down at our local club :-)

  4. Thanks - the design is really what sold it to me : )
    Interesting to hear about your rowing / coaching adventures. I set up my rowing blog about five years ago and captain a team of about 70+ indoor rowers. Great fun!!
    If you want to get back into it - Empty the Tanks are a very friendly team!!