Saturday, 27 July 2013

Top Shop dress re-make

I made the psychedelic orange dress from a piece of fabric that I got from a charity shop in Leeds. In fact I made this dress about three years ago and styled it from one of my favourite Top Shop summer dresses that I wear loads.

The green cotton Top Shop dress fits me really well and I fashioned the second dress with no paper pattern by cutting the sections of fabric by eye / using the original dress as a template. Considering I did not have a pattern I was pretty pleased with the final outcome.

Now despite the construction of the dress going quite well, including a zip and added ric-rac detailing I realise that although I love the fabric - it doesn't look that great on me, its a bit too much and the orange base colour doesn't really compliment my skin tone : (

I think I will send it to the local charity shop!?


  1. No, no, no... don't charity shop it yet. Could you resurect it as a skirt? Paired with a plain top it totally would suit you.

    Do we need some sort of a pact... you have a go at rescuing the orange dress and I'll unpick my 'standing up only dress' and we both try to make them wearable?!

  2. Now that is a good idea - I had never really thought about that! Yes we should definitely make a pact to re-use / re-fashion our dresses!!