Monday, 18 March 2019

Quick River Quilt Update

Hello readers and happy Monday!
I am especially chirpy this evening as I survived a very intense time at work last week with a two-day Ofsted inspection. Needless to say, I had a lot of late nights and early mornings and I am just about beginning to feel OK after also doing a Saturday session with my GSCE art class to get ready for their exam this Thursday and Friday! Phew..... onto some sewing news.

On the 8th March, the lovely Jenny Haynes ran her 'Finish that Quilt' workshop at the Village Haberdashery and I took along my River Quilt in Marimekko fabric to continue the quilting. I spent the first hour of the session drawing out the lines I wanted to quilt on the grey Essex linen. I tested the washable pen on a scrap piece of fabric and it luckily disappeared very quickly with a damp cloth.

You can see a before and after washing shot below. I have also included some examples of my hand-stitching and how the quilting lines look on the improvisation quilt at the back.

I aim to bind the quilt at the next 'Finish that Quilt' session in April and then take it slowly with the remainder of the hand-stitching and embroidery dispersed through the 'river' of the patchworked design.

How has your Monday been? I hope it was a good one!


  1. This looks great! Did you free motion quilt or use a walking foot? Also love your dense hand quilting.

    1. Thank you Christina, I used a walking foot and lots of quiet swearing to wrestle the quilt through a regular machine. I am mostly happy with the work but there are one or two blips where the quilt moved when the needle was up due to the bulk.
      I am pretty happy with my hand-stitching and will continue to add to it as time passes on!

  2. This is the bit that scares me with quilts! I looks great though. And well done for surviving Ofsted - have a cup of tea/ G&T to celebrate!

  3. Sooooo close! I had one experience of machine quilting on my crappy machine and loads of quiet swearing (with a walking foot) and unpicking wrinkles. And that was AFTER I had it professionally basted too, so basically I'm just crap at machining. I've decided to only handquilt my quilts (except for maybe 1 line of in the ditch machining at the beginning to anchor it) from now on after my second one turned out just fine. I also recently discovered "Big stitch" binding - looks a lot faster than regular whipstitch, depending on if you like the look and are keen to get it finished!

  4. Oh wow it looks amazing! I love the mix of hand and machine quilting and the movement your curvy quilting gives to the quilt works so well!

  5. What an eye catching collection, I'll never look at shelves in the same way again. Beautiful bright colours.