Saturday, 16 March 2019

The Very Best of Shelves

This 'shelf' post is inspired by Florence who blogs about English Paper Piecing, quilts and more at Flossie Teacakes. A while go she casually mentioned having a shelf which showcased delightful treasures and precious things and she called it 'the very best of shelves'. I commented on her post that I would love to see said 'shelf' and Florence very kindly wrote a very detailed post about all of the wonderful objects adorning her 'very best of shelves'.

My collection of the 'very best of shelves'. The items displayed are over a few separate shelves unlike the 'original' one shelf of Florences. The shelves themselves I consider a work of art in their own right.  I spent many hours measuring, drilling, rawl-plugging, sanding and re-painting the wall and eventually hanging the Vitsoe shelves in my lounge. I am so happy with them that I often just stare at them and smile!

Onto the precious things.

Top shelf from left to right:
  • The number 3 is the original house number of my current home. When we moved in 6 years ago we gutted the property and renovated everything. I have plans to box-mount this zinc and enamel number 3 for prosperity
  • The yummy vanilla Diptyque candle was a present from my friend Mel
  • This awesome set of concrete and textile tiles I bought from a student at the Harrogate Knit and Stitch show in the late 2000s. I had them framed so I can appreciate them. The inspiration behind them was road markings (yellow lines, tarmac etc)
  • Yellow wooden heart. I made this during a work health and safety training day when I learnt how to use the scroll saw. It's a simple wooden shape cut out, carefully sanded then stained with yellow dye

Middle shelf left to right:
  • Paper flower I made on a workshop with A Petal Unfolds
  • The vase is made from wood which I bought at a lovely craft shop in Islington (which has sadly since closed down)
  • Framed print of Putney railway bridge that I got in my first summer living in London. I bought it at the annual Putney Artists Open House. The artist is a printmaker and photographer known as Gurley who had the most enviable home studio and amazing art!
  • Beautiful pebbles, two from Aberystwyth, Wales and the third from Hastings
  • Such a delightful book of hand-writing papers. It is a collection of all the Liberty prints ever published which my friend Mel brought me back from Tokyo
  • The final stripy stack of colours on the shelf may look rather random but they are a pile of rubber coasters which my boyfriend brought back from the Museum of Modern Art gift shop in New York (these are an absolute must when you decide to put wooden floors in every room of your house and drink lots of tea!) 

Bottom shelf left to right:
  • One of the few items I have of my mums is this amazing set of mini wooden drawers. I 'stole' them from my mum in my early teens and have been storing precious items inside them ever since. The four glass handles are all slightly different and I have lots of totally useless but amazingly meaningful items in here!
  • The cute London postcard is a thank you note from my French neighbours. It has a temporary residence here until I receive something else that catches my eye
  • More pebbles; this time from Rye in East Sussex. I love finding pebbles with holes in them!
  • There is also a 'wooden' pebble which I got from a trip to the Harrogate Fossil and Mineral fair with my dad and brother in the 1980's. My dad was a keen amateur geologist and loved semi-precious stones and fossils; he was incredulous that I had bought a 'wooden' pebble from a mineral fair! The cool thing about it is, the knot in the wood moves slightly from side to side and I have often found myself just sitting and playing with it many times over the years
  • Finally two collections of postcards for inspiration in the form of Marimekko prints and the Pantone colour swatches
I hope you enjoyed my 'very best of shelves' post and I will leave you with some close-up shots of my many and varied precious things.

Do you have a very best of shelves?


  1. Oh Caroline, this post made me smile so much! Thank you so much for posting about your shelf (and including the very best of drawers too). I adore the heart you made - surely the best health and safety day ever? I'm now intrigued as to what job you do.

    As someone who has spent a lifetime drilling holes in walls and getting it horribly wrong, I too would spend hours just staring at these beautifully self-installed shelves. Weirdly, I did actually go to my DIY store on Saturday and get them to explain how people know what size drill bit/rawl plug to use when they already have the screws and received the most amazing information that makes me realise that I've possibly never really got over the first hurdle before, so I'm excited to have another go and will keep the success of your shelves in my mind.

    Also: the Liberty book! And delicious Diptyque candle! And the wooden stone with moveable knot! So many good things!
    Florence x

    1. Thanks Florence - I really enjoyed writing this post and I am so glad it made you smile!
      Learning about screws, rawl plugs and drill sizes is so cool and empowering as you know you can do the job yourself!
      Cheers, Caroline