Saturday, 30 August 2014

Me-Made Rejects

Have you got those me-made items of clothes in your wardrobe that don't really fit you or you just don't wear?
I have had these items hanging on my rail for longer than I care to remember. Needless to say I felt that despite the hours of work that went into them I just had to pass them onto to somebody else.

Reject Case One

Material: A gorgeous red silk purchased from John Lewis in Nottingham circa 1998
Pattern: Simplicity 9868 (or similar because I don't have the original pattern anymore)
Purpose: I made it to wear to my friends wedding to go with some lovely red silk kitten heel slingbacks - look it was the 1990's!
Reason for rejection: The bodice is too short and too wide and the arm-holes are too deep

 The skills I learnt when making this top waaaay back in 1998 were; rouleau loops for the buttons, self-covered buttons and making an interfaced collar. So it has been good for something!

The problems I always had with this top were the collar never really fitted quite right, as mentioned in the round up above it's too wide on the main bodice, the bust darts just were not that flattering and it is too short. I quite liked the length back in the days where my 20-year old stomach was svelte and taut, but not so much now....

Well, hopefully somebody at the Oxfam Charity shop in Marylebone will like it!

Reject Case Two

Material: Vintage 60's polyester / nylon mix I found in an old stock cupboard at work
Pattern: Self-drafted from my favourite Top Shop dress
Purpose: I thought this fabric would look super-cool in this dress style - turns out I was wrong.... I just don't think the orange background colour of the fabric is that flattering with my pale skin tone.
Reason for rejection: The fit is perfect but I just haven't worn it in over 7 years... that tells you something?!

Although the green ric-rac picks up on the fab colours in the material it just looks a bit too much altogether. The hem is all picked by hand and I faced the bodice in contrasting fabric (forgot to take photos of that bit).

Well, I hope whoever finds these little hand-made gems loves them and wears them - or cuts them up to make something new - I couldn't bring myself to do that!
It is far better that they are out in the world with the potential for some fun with somebody else than stuck in my wardrobe gathering dust!


  1. I had (actually, I think I still have it) a dress like your top. I bought it in Plymouth when visiting a boyfriend there, in the summer before starting Uni, and wore it to my Freshers' Ball. Ah, memories!
    I also have a few tops I have made and no longer like/fit. But, I can't bring myself to admit reality and hand over my hard work. I probably should though, eh?

    1. I know how you feel. Its taken me a few attempts to get rid of these babies - but I feel better for letting go and I have a record of them on my blog now so they will exist to me in a virtual capacity forever!

  2. Well done for letting go of these, I'm sure they will make their new owner very happy!
    I had a wardrobe clear out a little while ago but wasn't as successful as it might have been because now I'm sewing I kept a number of pieces that I don't really wear anymore for refashioning, but haven't done any yet!

    1. Hey it feels good to have passed them on.
      I have a few things that I keep meaning to re-fashion or alter myself.
      After my dissertation I think I need to do another wardrobe cull and see what else I can cleanse myself of or spend the time figuring out how to make them wearable.

  3. OH!! So....many.......rejects......LOL. Yes, I even have a pile of UFO's debating whether they will be rejects or whether I will complete sewing them. I have to say though, I love that first top, Asian style with the mandarin collar! I am making a top with those same kind of darts right now (I believe they are called french darts) and I have heard the same thing, that they just don't lie quite right. Only cut mine out, so far, so we'll see.

    1. I really loved my red top for quite a while but the more I got inot sewing clothes I realised the fit just wasn't right. I just didn't have the energy to change / adapt or re-fit it.
      Looking forward to seeing your new top with French Darts!

  4. Loving the Chinese style top! It would be suitable for Lunar New Year celebrations - all the cool kids dress up here (ok, that's a lie, all the kids dress up here!) I currently have a Little Red Riding Hood outfit that is gathering dust - made it for book week last year. Unfortunately with out insanely small flat, it might have to be a dustbin job :( (they don't have many charity shops here)

    1. loving the sound of your Little Red Riding Hood costume. I need to see photos!