Sunday, 30 September 2018

Bernina Sewing Machine Service

Some of you may know that my 27-year old Bernina 1025 Sport sewing machine has not been well since the summer of 2017, ironically after taking her for a service to Chapman's in Camden (which has subsequently gone out of business). I have procrastinated about what to do about it for a long time because I needed to research whether it was worth getting my machine repaired versus buying a new one.

I took the decision in August to get my Bernina serviced at Sew Amazing Ltd after reading a glowing review from Karen at Did You Make That?

Sew Amazing Ltd is in Mile End, London, which is accessible by the City and Hammersmith line or the number 8 bus which drops you off just outside. I chose to get an Uber when transporting my machine to and from the shop because it is VERY heavy!

Rob was absolutely certain he wouldn't forget which was my machine when he saw the stickers on the box!
Just as I hoped, Rob worked his magic on my machine and luckily it didn't need any expensive replacement parts, just a good clean up inside and out. There were lots of thread wrapped around the take-up lever which is a part of the machine you can't get to without taking it apart!

I had such a good chat with Rob who is extremely passionate about sewing machines and his haberdashery business. I am going to book him to service the 20+ sewing machines at work (secondary school) because he is such an open and honest bloke!

I am so happy to have my Bernina back in tip-top condition again. In fact, Rob told me I shouldn't EVER get rid of it as it is one of the last batches of machines that were made in Switzerland meaning all the internal workings are metal and made to last! My dad bought me this machine for a joint birthday and Christmas present way back in 1991. It was very expensive at the time I think he would have been extremely happy to know his investment is still going strong!

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  1. thanks so much , we have now closed the retail shop , work from a fantastic new state of the art workshop in Essex, we come to you now and if we cant complete the repair on your premises , we take back to our workshop, then return it at no extra cost, no call out fee no VAT just a service charged for