Saturday, 26 November 2016

Traid #secondhandfirst Review

I enjoyed wearing second hand, vintage and re-fashioned clothing this week to raise awareness for the charity Traid #secondhandfirst.

Here is a quick visual collection of my outfits this week.

Monday: Blue vintage 1960's hand-made shift dress (I mended the sleeve hems which had come undone)
Tuesday: Hand-made skirt (Dolores Pocket Skirt) made by me with vintage fabric circa 1960's
Wednesday: Stripy vintage 1970's / 1980's nylon dress with 1980's purple belt
Thursday: Patterned Vintage late 1950's / early 1960's dress hand-made many years ago!
Friday: Vintage 1960's / eary 1970's shirtdress with inverted front boxpleat. Hand-made for somebody with very, very skinny arms as the cuff will not button up (folded back on this photo).

It was a lot of fun this week. I often wear trousers for work as it's more practical for an Art and Technology teacher but I really enjoyed wearing dresses / skirts all week and raising awareness for Traid.