Monday, 21 November 2016

Traid #secondhandfirst pledge

Last week I discovered an interesting week-long event that promotes sustainable textiles.
It is run by Traid and the idea is you make a pledge to wear second hand / refashioned clothes for a full week starting on the 21st November until the 27th November.

What / who is Traid you might ask?

TRAID is a charity working to stop clothes from being thrown away. They turn clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of clothes.

  • They want to increase clothes reuse across the UK reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption
  • They fund international development projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry
  • They educate people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment and people’s lives, and how we can make more sustainable choices

I made my pledge here and I don't think it is too late for you to get involved too.
There are also lots of fun events happening at Traid stores around the country. Check them out here.

If I recall I think I may have been rather optimistic and pledged to wear 60% second hand clothes this week. It looks like I will be wearing some of my favourite vintage / re-fashioned dresses this week with thick woolly tights and cardigans!! I will update with a visual round-up at the end of the week.

If you want to join in, use the hashtag #secondhandfirst and upload to social media!
Happy second-hand-wearing this week!

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