Friday, 15 December 2017

Hand-Embroidered Christmas Decoration

We are nearing peak Christmas spirits at CJ Made HQ this weekend.
I received a lovely hand-made Christmas decoration from my friend Amy in Denmark which prompted me to reciprocate with this bright and cheerful hand-embroidered felt decoration. It took me about an hour to make and you could add embroidery ranging from the most simple stitches to something extremely intricate depending on your sewing skills or time scale.

The design of the decoration was partly inspired by the glorious visual feasts from the Channel 4 show Kirstie's Home-made Christmas. You can not watch these programmes without wanting to bust out your crafting kit!

Onto the making. I cut out two heart shapes in felt and embroidered a green line of chain stitch about 2cm from the edge.

I selected a bright blue for a snowflake design in the centre using back-stitch. Wooden beads were added for extra embellishment.

Scraps of felt were used to pad out the decoration but traditional cushion filling would probably add a little more luxury feel to the decoration. The edges were finished using blanket stitch in a bright yellow all the way around.

I plaited three embroidery threads to make the hanging loop. I knotted each end of the plait and pushed the knots in between the blanket stitch. I secured the loop in place with some regular sewing thread stitching. Colourful ribbon or wire would also work well for a hanging loop.

There you have it. A cute, inexpensive and quick hand-made Christmas decoration!


  1. Your decoration heart looks beautiful! Now I really went to make one for myself!

  2. So pretty. Must admit I love embroidering felt in front of the tv, keeps the hands away from the choccies, lol

  3. This is gorgeous Caroline. I've been enjoying Kirsty's Handmade Christmas too, I record them and then catch up on those odd moments when no one else is around and I can really enjoy it!
    Did you see the lady that did all the embroidery things for the tree decorating this year? Her little birds were just beautiful, I'm thinking if I combined the bird idea with the vibrantness of your lovely heart it might get a place on our tree next year!

    1. Hi Caroline, I just popped by to let you know your super pretty ornament is one of this weeks features at Handmade Monday :-)

  4. Defo a great way to keep hands away from the chocs!