Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Fashion Illustration at Cass Art with Francesco Lo Iacono

I have attended a number of Francesco's classes at Cass Art, Islington (here & here) and they are always a wonderful experience. Francesco has a calm and nurturing tutoring style and is a very positive person. The cost is a very reasonable £15 for a 2-hour session with all materials included for drawing or painting. Francesco has amazing contacts in models and fashion designers showcasing two outfits for the duration of the session. Last week we had a beautiful model, Jesika July wearing Radvile Kisieliute's clothes that were full of texture and interesting construction.

The sketches range from 5-minute to 15-minute studies and I used pencil and watercolour paints during this class. Life drawing is equal parts liberating and frustrating having to work so quickly on art. It is great when the sketch isn't going that well so you can move rapidly onto a new drawing, but sometimes you want to spend some more time adding further detail or improving the quality of the line. That is the joy of practising life-drawing!

I would like to work back into some of my unfinished sketches when I get a moment to add more colour and detail that I didn't get the chance to during the class.
Join me at the next class on 13th June whilst there are places left! 

I worked into the above sketches for about 30 minutes each and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I used Windsor and Newton Promarkers and Sharpies to add more depth of colour in layers.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Tropical Buchanan Dressing Gown

For those regular readers of CJ Made, I suspect you may be thinking - 'What! You still have some of that tropical fabric left?'. Thankfully (for ALL of us) this is the very last of the tropical cotton tablecloth that I got in the H&M sales in the summer of 2017!

When you see the vast array of garments I have managed to make out of those dandy tablecloths it looks like something out of the Sound of Music!
Image source
The first make was a Deer and Doe Melilot shirt:

Next, I used it for the lining for the Nina Lee Richmond Blazer:

And finally, a Gather Buchanan Dressing Gown and matching bag for my sister-in-law!

I have made a number of Buchanan's before. One for myself (the Paul Frank version) and two other gowns as gifts (cherry blossom & panda). It is such a great pattern to sew with lovely details which creates a professional finish on a kimono-style gown.

I added a band of contrasting blue cotton on the bottom as it was a little short which I think looks pretty cool. With the very last section of tropical fabric, I made a little tote bag to present the gown for gifting. Nothing new to report in terms of construction with this make. I was pretty speedy sewing it together, although, I did cut it out in July 2018, so not so fast in the longer term!

Do you have any items that are partly finished or have abandoned for reasons you have completely forgotten about now?

Me Made May 2019 Week Three

Week three of Me-Made-May looks like a monochrome week. Lots of black and white prints teamed with a block colour or colourful shoes.

Monday 13th May
Top: Me-mended Top Shop shirt. Mended: 2018
Skirt: Marimekko
Cardigan: Gap
Shoes: Paul Smith black patent loafers
Watch: White G Shock
Necklace: Tatty Devine sample sale 2019

One of my favourite shirts bought from a charity shop in Highgate had a little collar update last year and it is still a go-to item in my work wardrobe.

Tuesday 14th May
Top: Colette Laurel top. Made: 2015
Trousers: Gap
Cardigan: Gap
Shoes: Paul Smith black patent loafers
Socks: Icecreams and ice-lollies were a present from a friend
Watch: White G Shock
Necklace: Tatty Devine sample sale 2019

It has lasted a decent four years so far. The print is not as crisp as it used to be but the cotton is lovely and soft now after many washes.

Wednesday 15th May
Top: Merchant and Mills Camber Set Top. Mended: 2019
Trousers: Anthropologie sale
Ring: Black and white spotty acrylic, Putney charity shop
Socks: Marimekko
Shoes: Paul Smith purple Miller brogues

I am really pleased with my mended Camber Set Top. The bias binding really works as a design feature to hide those unravelling French seams!

Thursday 16th May
Top: Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt. Made: 2018
Trousers: Anthropologie sale
Socks: Paul Smith
Trainers: Nike
Watch: Green G Shock
Ring: Black and white spotty acrylic, Putney charity shop

This was the first shirt I had ever made with a hidden button placket and sleeve plackets! The only problem is the whole front section is slightly shifted to the left (I'm blaming it on the confusing hidden placket instructions) but I still love it and wear it with pride.

Friday 17th May
Jacket: Nina Lee Richmond blazer. Made: 2019
Top: Merchant and Mills Camber Set Top. Made: 2017
Skirt: Liesl & Co Everyday Skirt. Made: 2017
Watch: Green G Shock
Shoes: Paul Smith green loafers

A full outfit of me-made items today. I enjoy wearing the top and skirt together to create the illusion of a dress. The viscose fabric is so soft and comfy to wear too. My Richmond jacket has been getting quite a bit of wear at work but I had to put it in my bag as it got quite warm later in the day and now it is SUPER creased! 

Saturday 18th May
Top: Camber Set Top (underneath my sweatshirt). Made: 2018
Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch sale
Trainers: Nike
Jacket: Belstaff

The day started very overcast and grey and gradually warmed up. Of course, I don't have any photos of me wearing just my top. It is underneath there, honest!
I went to see the Swinging London exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in Bermondsey which was fab! If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it.

Sunday 19th May
Top: Tessuti Monroe Turtleneck. Made: 2018
Trousers: Abercrombie and Fitch jersey pants
Shoes: White Arizona Birkenstocks

Doing chores, catching up on housework and the usual weekly life admin (ironing, cleaning the house etc) in my super comfy Monroe Tutrleneck. This was released before Tilly and the Buttons Nora top which was an IG smash hit when it came out last year - the style lines are VERY similar but the Monroe Turtleneck is FREE!

I have had an amazing week catching up with friends and doing fun things so I'll leave you with a few photo highlights below. How was your week?


Sunday, 12 May 2019

Me-Made-May 2019 Week Two

A Bank Holiday Monday in the UK always cheers you up! What a great way to start the week not having to go to work (unless you work in retail or hospitality of course).  My boyfriend and I visited the Grand Design Live show at the Excel Centre in London to get some inspiration for house related DIY stuff which was great fun. You can see me here looking very happy at the thought of bumping into Kevin McCloud. We did, but only in cardboard form!

Monday 6th May
Top: Superlover sweatshirt
Top: Camber Set top. Made: 2018
Jacket: Belstaff Roadmaster 2012
Jeans: Diesel

It wasn't warm enough to remove my sweatshirt for the photo, you are just going to have to trust me there is a black Merchant and Mills Camber Set top on underneath the layers!

Tuesday 7th May
Top: Grainline Scout tee. Made: 2016
Trousers: Sew Over It Cigarette Pants. Made: September 2018
Socks: Gap
Shoes: Paul Smith loafers
Cardigan: Abercrombie and Fitch sale
Watch: Red G Shock

A combination of me-made trousers AND top today. Both well used and worn. The Scout tee in this version is made in double gauze and it needed pulling down before taking a photo - but hey - I'm not bothered!
Wednesday 8th May
Top: Simplicity 1364. Liberty print. Made: 2015
Trousers: Sew Over It Cigarette Pants. Made: September 2018
Socks: Gap
Shoes: Paul Smith blue suede Miller brogues
Watch: White G Shock

Every time I wear this top I wonder why I haven't made any more of them. It is a flattering silhouette and a fairly straight forward make. I would change the inner facings to a sewn-in version as they always flap about!

Thursday 9th May
Top: Uniqlo merino wool polo neck sweater
Skirt: Simplicity 2154. Made: 2016
Shoes: Paul Smith burgundy loafers
Watch: Clear G Shock

The inclement weather had me wearing a warm merino sweater and a smart navy pencil skirt which was re-made from a previous skirt (read about it here).

Friday 10th May
Dress: Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress. Made: 2017
Jacket: Benneton sale
Shoes: Paul Smith purple Miller brogues

I love this dress but the fabric has really faded over the two years I have made it (you can see it in its original glory here). The silk lining has also shrunk so that it doesn't really serve the purpose of stopping my tights from sticking to my dress as it now only covers about an inch below my butt! I may just cut out the lining altogether or re-line it? Is that too much effort?

Saturday 11th May
Jacket: Belstaff
Top: Grainline Linden sweatshirt. Liberty jersey. Made: 2016
Trousers: Lululemon 'On the Fly' pants
Trainers: Nike

Me and Kurt Cobain in East London conversing about the crazy UK weather. One minute it is hot and sunny, the next minute, HAIL!

How has your week been?