Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Plaid BHL Charlotte Skirt

As mentioned in yesterday's post I am taking part in One Week One Pattern or affectionately known as OWOP. My pattern of choice is the By Hand London Charlotte skirt.

I made it from some black and white plaid twill that has been in my stash for years which I made into this Simplicity 9620 Shift Dress. There is still some left to make another item of clothing too! The fabric frays a lot so I had to be super speedy with the French Seams during construction. I hand-stitched the waistband and hem which was a therapeutic hours sewing.

I added a back split taking inspiration from this Simplicity 2154 Pencil Skirt I made in 2013. The addition of the back split makes this skirt so much more comfortable and easy to walk in. You definitely have to wiggle around with a very restricted gait if you don't add a split / pleat of some description to this pattern.

Here are the internal shots for your viewing pleasure.

Almost perfect plaid matching around the zip

Perfect plaid matching on the internal waistband - where nobody can see it!

Back split and hand-stitched hem

Perfect side seam matching with a French Seam

Neat zip and back seam with Hong Kong seam using black satin bias binding

Tomorrow I'll be wearing my tropical print BHL Charlotte skirt. Hopefully it won't look too out of place on a wintery London day.


  1. That is perfection - love the addition of the split to reduce the wiggle/waddle effect ��

  2. I'm in awe with your plaid matching skills! :) And I also like the fabric and the skirt you made from it a lot!:)

    1. Thanks Kat. It took a little bit of time to get the plaid matched right but it was worth it in the end!