Friday, 17 April 2020

Fibre Mood Mika sweatshirt

Hello everybody! I'm back to blogging after a little hiatus. Sometimes life just gets in the way but now I have more time and energy to focus on some sewing, craft and blogging.

I am excited to say that my first make in quite some time was from Fibre Mood magazine. Fibre Mood magazine is a fashion forward bi-monthly pattern magazine based in Belgium. You can see what it is all about by following this affiliate link here: Fibre Mood

I was invited to sew the The Fibre Mood Mika sweatshirt by Kate from @timetosew and I can genuinely say that since making it I have worn it pretty much everyday since (yes, I have washed it!).
It is exactly what you want out of a sweatshirt pattern; the perfect length, raglan sleeves and perfect neckline. Unlike the wider neckline of Grainline Linden sweatshirt pattern, the Mika neckline is smaller and I much prefer this silhouette to the Granline Linden! I can see many more Mika's in my future.

Even more of a bonus, is this make is entirely from my stash #makeyourstash. A soft black sweatshirt fabric which I think may originate from waaaay back to Sew Brum 2015 when I won a ton of Girl Charlee knit fabric in the raffle!

Onto the construction of the Fibre Mood Mika sweatshirt. I wanted to share a rookie error, in my haste to sew this up as quickly as humanly possible, I didn't fully read the instructions before cutting out the paper pattern. I DIDN'T add the required seam allowance onto the paper pattern before cutting out and additionally didn't notice until AFTER cutting out the fabric. I'm sharing this detail so you don't need to make the same mistake! Luckily, by using minimal seam allowances when constructing the sweatshirt it actually fits really well!

On my next Mika, (because there certainly will be another one), I will extend the raglan sleeve. I realised after sewing the sleeves onto the bodice that I would be a good 4cm too short for my long arms. I typically have to extend the sleeves on most patterns so I wasn't surprised that this would be the case here. I had a decent amount of black ribbing in my stash (purchased from Ray Stitch moons ago) so I created the design feature of a deep cuff so the sleeves wouldn't be too short for my taste.
To achieve the 'deep-cuff' I doubled the depth of the cuff and then followed the construction instructions as per the pattern.

The Fibre Mood construction methods and instructions are really clear and easy to understand (it was completely my fault that I didn't notice the seam allowance issue). The aesthetics are clear and focused and the step-by-step guide is extremely user friendly.

Overall, I absolutely love my new sweatshirt! Follow this affiliate link to get your own Mika too!


  1. Fabulous it looks great on. Just the kind of item to get lots of wear.

  2. The wide neckline of the Linden often annoys me so this pattern looks like a really good alternative. I'm sure you'll wear this so much!

  3. Hello there CJ. How the hell are you. Great to see you back. That is a good shape on you and I understand what you mean about the neckline. I made a Linden last week and it did indeed have a wide neck. Hopefully see some more of your makes. Jo xxx

  4. Hi, how lovely to see you back. I hope everything is well with you. This looks like such a useful make.

  5. I love how this looks! I agree with you about the Linden too, I've always thought the neckline looks quite wide on it. I like the double cuffs, makes the sweatshirt extra cosy. And I still forget about the seam allowance when I'm cutting out patterns for my son from the Ottobre magazines! I hope you're keeping well. x

  6. Hey! Love this sweatshirt! I've just got myself the pattern and I'm ready to cut the pieces. I wondered if I could ask - do the arrows on the pattern show the direction of the grainline? If that's the case, it seems to go against every other pattern I've seen. Surely the most stretch should be across the body??x