Monday, 30 September 2019

Named Inari crop tee and dress

It may be a little seasonally inappropriate to be posting about these makes now, but a busy few months of house renovations have pretty much ground any sewing, crafting or blogging to a halt.

I finished the Named Clothing Inari Dress way back in July and swiftly followed up with the crop tee to enjoy wearing over the summer. I have worn both items quite a few times and think that come next summer I ought to make some other versions as I love the style lines so much.

In terms of construction, I spent a really long time sewing flat-felled seams and carefully finishing the neckline with bias-tape so the insides of the garments are as nice as the outsides.

The crop tee was a fun make using a metre of medium weight stripy linen/cotton I was gifted by a friend at work. I couldn't decide whether to add a ruffle or keep it plain so asked a few sewing buddies for advice....... they all said, "add a ruffle" which I did and after all the careful sewing I decided that a cropped ruffle tee just wasn't me and had to unpick it all! I replaced it with a simple cross-grain band which I much prefer.

To ruffle or not to ruffle? That is the question
Not ruffly sure!
I much prefer it with a plain band!
The second iteration of the pattern was the dress version with the fab split hemline. I really love this silhouette and can really see more of these in my summer 2020 wardrobe!

You may recognise the bottle-green linen as the last of the free fabric I got from the big craft swish in January 2018! It has all been used up save for a few small sections which would be great for pocket linings.

My only makes of the summer 2019 but happily very successful items which have been worn a bunch of times whilst the weather permitted!


  1. Step away from the ruffle CJ!!! I love your banded version it looks effortless. It looks like the easiest dress to wear ever. Hope to catch up with house removations soon. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo. Yes I certainly had to set away from the ruffle - they just look so cool on other people but not me!
      Yes, it's a really easy dress to wear. Perfect for our crazy summer / autumn August weather!

  2. I love the contrast stripes with the plain band. Both versions look lovely!