Saturday, 17 August 2019

Weavers of the Clouds at the Fashion and Textiles Museum

I recently visited the Fashion and Textiles museum for their Weavers in the Clouds: Textile Arts of Peru exhibition. In the 1990's I created a man's waistcoat for one of my art college projects based upon the absolutely gorgeous hand-embroidered and woven Peruvian textiles. In those days the only examples I could find of these delicious designs were found in books from the library and maybe the odd example in the V&A museum. This exhibition is a feast for the eyes if you love colour, pattern, design, texture, embellishment, embroidery and weaving!

I would highly recommend a visit if you get a chance. The exhibition runs until the 8th of September at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, London.

Have you been to see an inspirational exhibition recently?


  1. Wow all those colours, I bet it was amazing in person. I haven't been to anything unfortunately, I guess you live in the ideal place to experience lots of exhibitions. x

    1. Yes, the colours were amazing! So inspirational!