Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fashion Life Drawing Class at Cass Art Islington

I enjoyed a great evening art class at Cass Art on the 17th October. The event is hosted by the lovely illustrator Francesco La Ianoco who organises a gorgeous model and a graduate fashion designer to showcase some amazing outfits.

We were treated to the striking fashion by Maddy Stringer who has produced the most stunning PVC coats that were vividly coloured and wildly sculptural. Check out the photos and a selection of my studies below. The evening was split into a series of 10-minute and 15-minute poses with two contrasting outfits. I used a variety of media including watercolour pencils, marker pens, inks, oil pastel and watercolours.

A 5-minute study in oil pastel, pro-marker and watercolours
A 10-minute sketch with pro-marker and watercolours
20-minute sketch with oil pastel, pro-markers and watercolours

A 10-minute sketch with pro-markers and watercolours
A 5-minute study in watercolours
A 10-minute sketch with pro-markers and watercolours

A 10-minute sketch in oil pastel and pro-markers
A 15-minute sketch in watercolours and pro-markers
A 5-minute sketch in oil pastel and chalk-pencil
A 10-minute sketch in pro-markers
A 10-minute sketch in watercolour
I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Cass Art whiling away two hours with paints and marker pens. I would highly recommend going to any type of life drawing class if you like drawing and painting because it really challenges you in new and interesting ways. The structural construction of Molly Stringer's garments was such fun to draw!


  1. I loved your sketches, thank you for sharing :)

  2. Wow these are amazing! It sounds like a great class.