Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Me-Made-May 2018 Final Conclusion

In the final few days of May, I had repeats wears of my DIY clothes on days 28 and 29 because of ongoing house renovations. When I escaped the house later in the week I wore the following:

Day 30
Top: Grainline Scout Tee. Fabric: 100% cotton. Made: 2014
Trousers: A&F
Brooch: Tatty Devine anchor
Watch: G Shock
Trainers: Nike

A throwback to 2014 with one of my original Scout Tee's that is making it's way to the charity shop. The reason? It is a little too tight around the armscye and the shop-bought scratchy and stiff bias-binding I used for the neckline never softened up.  

Day 31
Jumpsuit: New Look 6446. Fabric: H&M tablecloth. Made: 2018
Necklace: Tatty Devine Oranges (2016 sample sale)
Trainers: Vans

It is early days in terms of how much wear this jumpsuit will get but I had a lot of fun wearing it last Thursday.

The final collage of all the me-made-makes for 2018.
The most worn, but not photographed item of clothing is my Gather Buchanan dressing gown which I wear every morning and evening.

This year my pledge was to wear ALL my me-made clothing and figure out why some items get worn more than others. Quite a lot of clothes didn't get worn because it was seasonally inappropriate but overall I seem to be making a reasonably co-ordinated wardrobe.


Due to my lack of an Instagram account, I have not really had the same experience as previous years where you get a wonderful community feeling from lots of participants in MMM.
What I have enjoyed is having a smaller and more insightful journey with the blogging sewing community and the lovely bloggers below;

Kat (Froebelina)
Zoe (So Zo) the mastermind of MMM
Tilly (T&tB)
Gabby (Gabberdashery)
and some new discoveries like Lisa's Carolina

I have more me-made clothes than I realised and didn't get to wear them all in one month which I'm not sure is good or bad?

  • I have a lot of Grainline Scout tees, Camber Set-tops and a few colourful shirts
  • Lots of skirts; mainly pencil skirts like the Charlotte skirt or Simplicity 2154 and the Dolores Pocket skirt
  • Quite a few dresses in different patterns such as the Emery Dress, Camber Set Dress or Alex Shirt Dress
  • One jumpsuit! New Look 6446 
  • I LOVE pattern and print; I am not surprised as I studied Textile Design at Art College
  • I like black and white tops as they are so versatile
  • I am also happy with the colour, textures and better quality fabric choices
Areas for Improvement
  • Sew more neutral or solid coloured garments. I only wore four me-made items that didn't have a print (Olive Grainline sweater, blue SOI Tulip skirt, grey Marilla Walker Ilsley skirt and a red Simplicity 2154)
  • I say this EVERY year. MAKE ANOTHER PAIR OF TROUSERS. I am in the middle of tweaking the SOI Cigarette Pants pattern in a navy crepe so I will keep you posted!
  • Keep tweaking the fit of my repeat makes. I have passed on a few of my first Grainline Scout tees to the charity shop as they don't fit well enough for my liking any more

 A big thank you to Zoe for organising this fantastic event and I look forward to taking part again next year with the following things achieved.......

Caroline's Challenge for MMM 2019

  • Focus on some non-printed pieces in solid colours
  • Make another pair of trousers
  • Sew another Gather Buchanan dressing gown
  • How about some lounge-wear (jogging pants for around the house and secret PJ's)
  • Make some Liberty print PJ's
  • Use more of my stash fabric


  1. You have a fabulous collection, it is great that you know your likes and dislikes. I have been wearing my me makes but didn't actively take part in the challenge, something for next year perhaps.

    1. Thanks so much. I look forward to reading about your MMM adventures next year.

  2. A great selection of clothes. I have gone the opposite way to you and did my MMM on IG, although I didn't sign up officially. I have worked out that I ned to make more trousers - jeans in particular, and cardis for summer!

    1. Cheers Tamsin - I noticed you hadn't blogged about MMM this year. I think loads of people have abandoned their blogs for IG as its so much quicker and more instant! Great that you are still taking part.

  3. Awww thank you Caroline for mentioning me! :) I really enjoyed you mmm posts!
    I'm thinking if organising a link up or something for next year's MMM, because I missed the community too!
    Your wardrobe is lovely and so unique!

    1. Hi Kat - organising a link party would be a great way to create a more community feel for those of us who are only blogging and not IG-ing!

  4. When I did MMM two years ago I vowed to make more solids and it has paid off in terms of what I can wear with other items. I love seeing all your clothes on the rail - you should be very proud of yourself. Jo x