Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Life Drawing at Pearl and Groove #3

I love life drawing! It is great to practice your skills, challenge yourself and unwind in a creative and relaxing environment. I joined Bella Franks, artist and life drawing tutor at the delicious Notting Hill bakery, Pearl and Groove for an evening class. I have been to a number of Bella's classes in 2016 (#1 and #2)

Bella always makes you feel at ease, curates a fab playlist to draw along to and has a gorgeous array of life model contacts. Last night's model (Sangfrid? I think) was amazing and posed with such grace and beauty. She really pushed our drawing skills further with some very unique and interesting poses.

We started with a warm-up of a 5-minute sketch then moved onto more sustained 20-minute drawings. I began the evening in monotone with willow charcoal and moved towards more expressive colours in Promarkers, pencil crayons and chalk pastels towards the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the added bonus of a Pearl and Groove gluten-free Blueberry cake at halftime was very yummy!

5-minute sketch with willow charcoal
10-minute sketch with compressed charcoal
20-minute sketch with willow charcoal with red and yellow chalk pastels

20-minute sketch with Promarker pen, blue, red, yellow chalk pastel and blue pencil crayons
10-minute sketch with blue, red and yellow pencil crayons and blue and yellow chalk pastels
5-minute sketch with blue pencil crayon and blue chalk pastel


  1. Wow you are a really talented artist, and gf treats too. Sounds like a good evening.

  2. What a lovely event! A good selection of drawings - I’ve hardly drawn at all this year so my skills are rather rusty 😢

    1. Hi Catherine, I need to practice more too. It's amazing how quickly you get rusty with drawing if you don't keep up the practice!