Sunday, 10 June 2018

Embroidery Workshop with Lora Avedian

Last weekend I attended an embroidery workshop as part of the Belgravia in Bloom program of events at #fridasparlour. It was run by textile artist Lora Avedian who specialises in hand embroidery, in particular, couching. We began the workshop with a few quick sketches of flowers as a starting point and then we got onto the hand-couching on calico.

Here are a few photos of the workshop including the lush garden outside the building.

Gorgeous threads to choose from

Lora's beautiful hand-couching samples for inspiration
Lora's hand-dyed couching
Lora's hand-applique and hand-couching work using linen and silk
Flowers at the workshop that we used for drawing and embroidery inspiration

This is where I got to after an hour hand-stitching the red wool and bronze silk fabric strip. Hand embroidery is truly a mindful and calming activity and the workshop seemed to fly by!

I will continue this rose embroidery when I need some peaceful creative time to myself.


  1. This sounds like a lovely workshop, and I love how your embroidery is looking. I was just thinking the other day that I really should give hand embroidery a try, it would be nice to have a more portable craft!

  2. Thank does look fun. I always feel I should learn some proper embroider techniques.