Sunday, 22 April 2018

April Work in Progress

I haven't got anything finished to share with you this week, but I have got two works in progress.
The first project is my Jenny Haynes river quilt in Marimekko fabric which I started in April 2017 (I can't believe I started it a year ago!).

I attended a class at the Village Haberdashery on Friday called 'Finish that quilt' with Jenny and a lovely bunch of ladies. We all had quilts at various stages of completion (mine was the least finished!) and Jenny skillfully helped us all with what we needed to do for the next stage be it sandwiching the wadding, binding or hand-quilting. 

Here is where I got to on the quilt top on Friday (only the top four rows are sewn together).

I spent a few hours on the quilt this morning and got to this stage by lunchtime. I have changed the layout of the 'river' to a more asymmetrical set of curves compared to the original design which meant a little more thinking time to work out which seams to sew first.

The only section I need to sew now is the grey Essex linen on the left-hand side of the quilt top. I will then have to figure out how I would like to quilt the whole thing. There a few options; hand-quilting, machine quilting or pay to have it quilted for me.
I haven't decided yet. Have you any suggestions?

The second item I'm working on is the New Look 6446 jumpsuit and dress. I saw this via the Foldline's new patterns feature and it so happened to be on 50% sale at  so for £3.00 I thought I would try it out as I'm not even sure if this will suit me. I am half-way through a (hopefully) wearable toile in one of my remaining tropical H&M tablecloths to check the fit.

 I fear that by the time I finish the jumpsuit the gorgeous weather in the UK will have passed!

I did some internet searching and found some lovely versions of the New Look 6446 by other sewing bloggers so you can get an idea of what it will look like when I eventually finish it.

I love the feature piping on this version by Evolution of a Sewing Goddess
Erica has made this gorgeous striped version with a lightweight cotton lawn
Jane has sewn a summery dress version of the 6446

Abi from a Crafty Pin-up has made a striking black floral version
Have you got any unfinished projects you are working on at the moment?


  1. That is a thinking-womans quilt, I would be having the unpicker out! It is going to look really good. I have seen a solids quilt that I would like to do sometime for a more contemporary look. Good Luck with the jumpsuit - I would look even shorter in it but you are tall and slim so go for it. Jo x

    1. Thank you Jo. Yes, it has been boggling my mind a bit because you have to leave partial seams that are connected at a later point in the construction. I think I am winning now though!

  2. That is a really interesting design on the quilt, I love it. The jumpsuit is going to be fabulous keep at it, the fabric it's in looks super I would wear that one. x

    1. Thank you so much. The jumpsuit is more of a trial to see if it's something I will wear.