Sunday, 18 February 2018

My Secret Valentine Exchange Gift, #2018SVE

This will be my final instalment for the 2018 Secret Valentine Exchange. I received my present on Friday and was very excited to learn my parcel had travelled over the Atlantic ocean from Chicago.

My SVE buddy Celia Perez is a very talented published writer and librarian. Her hand-made gift to me was influenced by reading Richard B Sewall's award winning biography The life of Emily Dickinson. She created some really fun zine-style stickers with Emily's face and fun quotes written underneath.  She asked me to share photos of where Emily ends up when she leaves the house. There is even a hashtag #emilydickinsonleavesthehouse

Other gifts I received were a fab needle-felted heart brooch and a hand-sewn flower badge. As well as some yummy chocolate covered orange and caramel marshmallows and some loose tea leaves! What a fabulous end to the week and a big thanks to Celia for her creativity and to Ute and Sanae for organising another amazing SVE!

Emily D hanging out in East London!


  1. What a lovely exchange. Wow 700 poems is some going, she was one very creative

  2. What a fun package. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

  3. Da hast du aber wirklich ein tolle Überraschung bekommen.
    The painting picture looks great too ... hach ​​because I can only wish a lot of fun. :)

    Have a nice time, the Nähbegeisterte

  4. What a lovely surprise gift, packed full of goodies