Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hand-Made Zig-Zag Sketchbook

I have always been fascinated with zig-zag or concertina sketchbooks but they can be quite pricey little numbers. Here is a cost effective way of making a sketchbook for not very much money at all.

Materials and Equipment:
  • A1 cartridge paper
  • Card x 2 A6 (mount-board / grey board / general card)
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon or string
  • Scissors / craft knife / paper trimmer
I re-used grey board which can be found on the back of good quality sketchbooks and some left-over mount-board for the front cover. Of course you can use any type of card for this sketchbook and decorate them in a variety of ways. I am planning another blogpost on this idea soon.

Onto the instructions...

Double sided tape is used to hold the ribbons in place here as it is a strong hold. If you were using a PVA glue or mod-podge craft glue that would work perfectly well too.

I will report back later when my new hand-made sketchbook is full of artwork!

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  1. it's so simple and awesome :D thanks for sharing

  2. I think my kids would like to make these! Lovely idea xx

    1. I made them with my GCSE art class at school last week Anna and they loved it!

  3. Brilliant tutorial and a lot easier than it looks, thank you

  4. That looks fun, I remember as a kid making those mini books from 1 sheet of A4, this is liek a super upgraded version of that. I look forward to seeing it all filled up!