Thursday, 20 April 2017

Liberty Laurel Dress

I finished this pretty summer dress yesterday after hanging around in an almost finished state for nearly a year. I started in May 2016 and have only just got around to finishing the bias bound neck and fastening at the back in April 2017! If you are not familiar with the silhouette it is the ever-popular beginners shift dress the Colette Laurel.

I remember cutting out and making the majority of this dress last year but luckily I gleaned a bit more information via my 'project' section of the Foldline sewing enthusiast platform. Foldline is a great online community of sewists where you can create a profile and interact with other sewing enthusiasts. You can also write pattern reviews, create an online visual of your stash fabric and contribute to a forum.

Above is an example of my laurel project as seen on my Foldline profile. I added a few notes about the changes I made. Apparently I have added 6cm to the length of the dress (I had forgotten that detail which is bound to happen if you take 11 months to finish a dress!) and the Liberty cotton was purchased in a 30% off online sale. The Liberty print is called Kinetic from the Spring / Summer 2016 collection. You can get it from Sharkut for £14.99 per metre.

Not much else to report other than I used the same closing technique as my Sew Over It Ultimate Shift dress with a hair-band cheat rouleau loop and a lovely button I had in my stash. I used the reverse side of the button as it had pretty flecks of grey, pink and white in it that picked up on the colours of the Liberty print.

I hand stitched the self-made bias binding into position including around the opening at the back.

It fits well on the upper body but is probably a little wider than I'd like at the hip area as I did my usual grading between two sizes from bust to hips. Perhaps I don't need to do this on my next version as it is a fairly loose fitting shift dress. It does however look nice worn with a belt. When I get a chance I will post some photos of me wearing it.

Pattern: Colette Laurel Dress (I made the top here) = £12 (second make from pattern) = £6
Fabric: 1.1 metre of Liberty Kinetic Tana Lawn = £15
Gutterman Thread: Pink from stash = free
Rouleau Loop: Hairband from stash = free
Buttton: From stash = free

Total: £23


  1. Great fabric and a simple silhouette make for a perfect summer dress. Winner.

    1. Thanks Lou - although it seems the weather has other ideas as it has turned really cold again today!

  2. You always find the most beautiful fabrics, I love the pattern and contrasting colours if this one. I hope you'll find time to take pictures if you wearing the dress, I'd love to see them!

    1. Thanks Kat. Yes, I'm looking forward to some warmer weather so I can wear this light cotton dress.

  3. Such neat bias binding, this looks lovely and the button is perfect. I'm looking forward to the shots of you wearing it!

  4. So pretty and Liberty is my go to shop when in London, so many unusual items as well as the fabric department