Sunday, 12 February 2017

Illustration Commission

Last year I was commissioned to create a series of illustrations for a book that will be used at Primary school level to support cognitive thinking. I produced seven A5 and A4 black and white sketches to illustrate different scenarios to help explore ideas and prompt discussion.

The technique I used was a combination of line drawing with cross-hatching for texture. I used Staetdler pigment fineliner pens because they come in a range of thicknesses which allows for quite intricate work.

I have cropped some of the sketches for you to see and I am hoping to get a copy of the final book later in the year so I can share in more detail then.

In other news my Grainline Linden sweatshirt was featured on the Foldline Sweater Sewing Patterns blogpost this week!


  1. Very exciting! They are lovely illustrations, look forward to seeing more later in the year

    1. Thanks Alex. They took quite some time to draw as the sketches are quite detailed. I look forward to sharing more once the book is published.

  2. Very cool news, congratulations.