Saturday, 25 February 2017

Eight Exhibitions in Eight Days

I have managed to get out to see lots of amazing exhibitions during half term and after work in the past eight days. Buckle up for a brief review of some of these London art experiences.

You Say You Want a Revolution? Rebels and Records 1966-1970 - V&A until Sunday 26th February

If you get a chance to go today or tomorrow it is a visual feast for the eyes with a brilliant soundtrack of music to accompany the show. I really enjoyed the show and evoked some lovely memories of my parents in the early 1970's. No photography allowed so I grabbed these images of the Acid Test poster and Souper Dress from the V&A website.

This was a small exhibition in the fashion and costume section of the V&A which showcases a history of underwear from boned corsets to the modern trends of lingerie for outerwear. There was a good range of items from different time periods, fashions and trends.

America: After the Fall. Painting in the 1930's - Royal Academy until Sunday 4th June 2017

Three rooms of the Royal Academy full of American big hitters like Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Hopper and including Grant Wood's American Gothic (the image used for the promotion of the exhibition).
The collection focuses on the 1930's a period of rapid economic and political change in American history and the wide ranging responses of artist during this time.
It was quite busy when I visited as it was the RA Members Preview event so I will go back at a quieter time to be able to get a closer look at some of the striking paintings.

Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 - Royal Academy until Monday 7th April 2017

A historic exhibition showcasing a 15-year period of artistic responses to the Russian Revolution 100-years after the dramatic event that ended centuries of Tsarist rule.
It includes work from Kandinsky, Chagall and Malevich and a whole host of other artists that explored the new found freedoms of the end of Tsarist rule. Creativity flourished as artists experimented with ways of expressing themselves which came to an abrupt end when Stalin's suppressive rule clamped down of creative freedom in 1932. An interesting and quite surprising exhibition which I would definitely recommend.

PACE - teamlab London: Transcending Boundaries until 11th March 2017

A friend booked free tickets to this amazing interactive light installation exhibition. Get your tickets quick as it will finish soon on the 11th March. I don't want to say too much which may effect your experience. A great experience for everyone of all ages.

Patrick George: Memorial Exhibition - Browse and Darby until 2nd March 2017

Browse and Darby is a small independent gallery behind the Royal Academy whose current exhibition showcases the beautiful, delicate landscape paintings of English artist Patrick George. He taught for over 40 years at the Slade School of Art and was inspired by traditional painters like Constable and Gainsborough.

Molly Goddard: What I like - NOW Gallery closed 22nd February 2107

I read about this exhibition three days before it closed and had to hot-foot it to North Greenwich after work to manage to see it. Molly Goddard is a fashion designer who created striking tulle dresses for this interactive exhibition. She invited members of the public to embroider and stitch onto the dresses which will be auctioned for charity after the exhibition has finished.
I spent half an hour stitching into a neon yellow dress. I free-styled a geometric maze type pattern using a simple running stitch. Other people had clearly spent a few hours producing intricate and accomplished embroideries. The overall impact of the exhibition was brilliant!

Do Ho Suh: Passage/s - Victoria Miro Gallery, London until Saturday 18th March 2017

This exhibition blew my mind! Until you see this work in person it is difficult to really appreciate that delicacy and precision involved in the artworks. They are to scale fabric sculptures of the places he has lived throughout his life. Truly inspiring.
Watch this video to understand how he creates his art. It is so amazing!

Another link to a great video about his work.

The majority of these exhibitions were free except the Royal Academy where an annual membership of £97 gives you unlimited access to all exhibitions for you and a friend for a year.
Get out there and see some free art people!


  1. Looks like you had a great week! I'm blown away by Do Ho Suh work!

    1. I know! His work is so amazing. You still have a week left if you want to see it in real life x