Thursday, 29 December 2016

The (New) Design Museum

I have been visiting the Design Museum in London for years. The original collection was housed in the V&A which they then outgrew and moved South of the River to Shad Thames to a former 1940's banana warehouse. Despite the trek I enjoyed many great exhibitions there including Hello, My Name is Paul Smith retrospective, Women, Fashion, Power and A Century of Chairs.

The new home of the Design Museum is at the end of High Street Kensington (next to Byron Burger and Cass Art) situated in a striking refurbished building that used to be the Commonwealth Institute. The architect John Pawson has tripled the museum's exhibition space to over 10,000 square metres.

The attention to detail in the building is amazing. Pawson has allowed the concrete and glass structure to be able to shine with classic wooden handrails, polished concrete floors, exposed fixtures and sleek lines. The lighting in the space is fantastic creating a cosy ambience even though the atrium space is open to the ceiling.

Spotting the iconic designs was a fun game to play!
Amazing fashion using new fabric technologies

The design evolution of the iconic Anglepoise lamp

A striking light shade inspired by nature (an artichoke)

I saw the permanent free exhibition Designer, Maker, User and got tickets for the Bleazley Design Awards show which is in the basement. Both exhibitions were creatively curated and there was a lot to look at and interact with throughout the collections including the design evolution of technological products and the use of new smart materials.

Overall, I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful museum.


  1. Great review, I didn't know that the design museum had moved. I will definately make a point of coming to London this month to visit. Handy it's next to cass art too!

    1. Thanks Claire, its definitely worth a visit!