Sunday, 9 October 2016

Out of Control

Help! My WIP (work-in-progress) or UFO (unfinished object) pile has got a little out of hand. As is the case with many sewing enthusiasts, we optimistically cut out projects thinking that we will find an hour here or there to sew them together. This summer I got waylaid with my house renovation. Instead of sewing my WIP's I was re-painting the garage floor or sanding and painting balcony railings... the list of DIY jobs I had was endless (and I still need to finish a few before Christmas).

The mad thing is that I now have a huge pile of seasonally inappropriate garments cut out.

First up is my 'summer' dressing gown...

The Buchanan pattern was gifted to me by my friend Sophie. I imported the blue Paul Frank fabric from Hong Kong a couple of years ago and the red cotton contrast collar and cuff also comes from my stash. I don't think it will take too long to sew up, but I won't really wear it until the spring.

Next up is a summer dress. The Dixie DIY Bonnell dress was enthusiastically cut out in July. I had high hopes of sauntering around London in this lovely red viscose beauty but alas it didn't happen. The fabric was a bargain £2.00 a metre from a stall on Chapel Street Market in Islington.

Onto a fun summery seperate, the Liesl & Co Everyday Skirt. This is my second version and I am really looking forward to wearing this black and white one (whenever that will be!). The viscose fabric was from the spring sale at John Lewis at £7 per metre.

This next garment is about 90% completed. It is the Colette Laurel shift dress. Despite the beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn fabric called Kinetic, I lost my sew-jo with the back fastening and the neckline. I am sure I could finish this in about half an hour but as its a lightweight cotton dress, it won't really be worn until the spring!

My last WIP is something that I could wear this season. I cut it out at the end of the summer after rediscovering this awesome vintage fabric I've had for about ten years. I strongly suspect it was probably some curtains in its previous life but with just over a metre I was limited to what garment I could make with this crazy print.

The added complication of the missing corner restricted the choice of garment even more. As luck would have it the Ready Ruthie Dolores Pocket Skirt fitted quite well!

Not enough fabric for perfect pattern matching. Instead I chose selection of the main motifs found on the skirt to balance out the pattern. What pockets? 
Some organic cotton from my stash worked perfectly for the pocket linings and hem facing. I didn't stop there. The darker autumnal colours matched perfectly with a metre of olive green silk I have had in my stash since my Textiles Degree (over 20 years ago) so I splashed out and cut the lining in silk!

That makes five part completed works in progress. I hope to get some of these sewn up soon, especially the vintage fabric Dolores Pocket Skirt as I can see myself wearing this for work.

Have you got any WIP's or UFO's that are hanging around too long?


  1. Oh well. I'm sure there is another summer coming in under a year, so you don't have to rush now which is nice. The finished skirt looks beautiful, the print is great. And I'm sure all those wip will turn out lovely as well some day :-)

    1. I agree Kat. I am looking forward to finishing the Autumn print skirt as I can see myself wearing it over the next few months. It's always nice to have the buzz of wearing your new garments straight away so unless we have a mid-winter heatwave I can't see me finishing the other garments anytime soon!

  2. Cutting out is one of my least favourite parts of sewing and I sometimes stall with a new project because I can't find time for this step, so I'm actually a little jealous that you have so many projects ready to go! Maybe the viscose dress and skirt could still be worn in autumn with some cosy layers? And that Dolores skirt is going to be wonderful for autumn, I love how it looks already!

    1. Hi Alex, I think you are right about the viscose dress and skirt - I think I'd be able to wear them with tights although they are quite lightweight fabrics if the weather turns too cold.
      I am looking forward to making up the Dolores Pocket Skirt especially as it will have a luscious silk lining! I have been hoarding that fabric for far too long!

  3. I find it depressing having will hanging over me so I know how you feel. But when you do muster the energy you are going to have some cracking garments. That skirt will be knock-out!

    1. Me too Louise! I am looking forward to getting my sew-jo back and sewing some of these WIP's so they become garments rather than piles of fabric taunting me from the corner of the room!