Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Art Macabre at the Tower of London

My good friend Alex invited me along to a rather splendid life drawing event at the Tower of London last night with the company Art Macabre. This is a description of the event from the website:

Blood and Jewels
 Explore the myths and legends surrounding some of the world’s most fabulous jewels in this glittering after-hours event at the Tower of London; such as the brazen attempted theft by Colonel Blood. Sketch contemporary fantastical crowns by designer maker Hysteria Machine and capture Kika von Macabre in all her glory in the Medieval Palace at the Tower of London. Draw a skull-faced catacomb saint bedecked in glistening gold and pearls.

I arrived at the Tower just as dusk was setting and the darkening skies lead to a suitably spooky atmosphere. After drinks in the education centre of the Tower (and the obligatory H&S chat) we collected boards and paper ready for our drawing adventure.

Three rooms were adorned with candles, cushions and atmospheric music to add to the ambience of the space. There was a choice of two live models who had the most amazing costumes and striking face make-up was which stunning visual inspiration.

Here are my sketches from the evening. The poses were fairly fast with the longest sketch 25 minutes long.
I really enjoyed the evening and found I got really into sketching onto black paper using conte pencils in white, gold and silver with black charcoal to create depth. It was a fun exercise in loosening up my drawing style and focussing on 3D form as apposed to line.

5 minute sketch
15 minute sketch
Anybody notice an unintentional yet striking resemblance to a certain King of Pop?
10 minute sketch
25 minute sketch
I would certainly attend another drawing event with Art Macabre at the Tower of London to practise my drawing skills.


  1. Thanks for joining me! Your sketches on the black paper are particularly stunning and yes, that is a striking resemblance to the king of pop!!

    1. Hi Alex. Thanks so much for organising the event, I really enjoyed myself!