Saturday, 23 July 2016

William Morris Gallery & Plein Air Painting

On Monday I spent the afternoon with my artist friend Nao painting in her garden. The weather was glorious and we both spent a wonderful couple of hours getting creative with acrylic paint. Nao worked on a huge canvas inspired by John Hoyland and I began a new piece focussing on Georgia O'Keeffe's abstracted style based on natural objects. I tore open a pomegranate so I could work from observation.

It is not quite finished yet. I aim to work into the pomegranate cells like those in the bottom right
I took the Victoria Line out to Walthamstow on Wednesday to meet with my friend Charlotte to visit the William Morris Gallery. Having studied Textile Design at Art College William Morris is the absolute KING of repeat pattern and has produced some of the most enduring and timeless designs that are still fresh today.

I had not realised that the beautiful Georgian house (now known as the William Morris Gallery) was actually where Morris lived until his early twenties which made the experience even more interesting!

Morris reproduction wallpaper and chair designs

Original Morris wallpaper samples protected in frames
A wide selection of beautiful Morris wallpaper designs

Beautiful ceramic tiles decorated with many delicate patterns based on natural forms
Gorgeous planting in the rear gardens of the Gallery

Stunning thistles in the garden which are a reoccurring theme in Morris' designs 

Overall I had a beautiful day enjoying this historic building and gardens. More surprisingly the William Morris Gallery is free and has a great cafe and gift shop too. I would highly recommend a visit and if you want to go it's open Wednesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 17.00.


  1. Fantastic painting and I'm feeling inspired! Now to find something to paint! ;-)

    1. Thanks Marilla. Sunshine, beautiful gardens and the school holidays have boosted my inspiration tenfold! I am on a painting roll right now!

  2. Cool painting and great tip about the William Morris gallery, will have to check it out! What great ways to enjoy the hot weather we had last week!

  3. There is a NT house by us with lots of William Morris papers and textiles on the edge of Wolverhmapton called Wightwick Manor. The owner was part of the Mander paint company so 'interiors' were their circle of friends. The colours are so natural in WM work. I love your painting so far. I also saw a Geogia O'Keefe exhibition in Vancouver a few years back, very memorable. Jo xxx