Monday, 25 July 2016

O'Keeffe Inspired Art

I attended the third session of the Tate Modern Art Course linked to the current Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition last night and we had the chance to draw or paint plein air (seems to be a reoccurring theme in my posts lately). The options were to use the riverfront outside the Tate as a view or to visit the Community Garden next to the Tate for inspiration. As you can probably guess due to my rather garden-heavy posts during the month of July, I chose the garden.

A small but perfectly formed secret walled garden exists to the left hand side of the Tate Modern. Snuggled in a slither of land next to the terraced housing next to the Globe Theatre and the huge expanse of the Tate buildings lives a little oasis of community gardening.

These are the studies I made using the beautiful red flower (Dog Rose?) as inspiration. Despite enjoying sketching this I am not 100% happy with the outcome as I feel it is a little twee and too traditional for my liking. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of drawing and painting it.
What do you think?

30 minute pencil study (unfinished) and 30 minute watercolour version
Detail of the 30 minute pencil study
Detail of 30 minute watercolour study
The art work I have been enjoying over the past week has been an extension of the pomegranate studies I started last week. I have been exploring more abstracted compositions and limiting my colour palette as O'Keeffe did in many of her works.

Below is a selection of pomegranate studies starting with a more realistic image and moving towards more simplified and abstracted shapes and use of colour:

Watercolour pencils
Watercolour pencils
Two colours of watercolour: Windsor & Newton Orange and Deep Red

Watercolours (Deepe Red, Orange, Winsor Yellow) overlaid with blue watrcolour pencil
Watercolour paints (Deep Red, Orange, Winsor Yellow, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue)
Blended Watercolour Pencils (no water yet)
Next week at the final session of the Tate Course we are to select our favourite works produced during the course for a group exhibition. I am undecided as to which one to select but I'm hoping to get a chance to explore these abstract pieces further which may sway my decision.
Which art works do you think I should choose?

I will leave you with these stunning views around the Tate Modern yesterday.


  1. I can see some of those more abstract ones turned into print blocks .. Embroidered/over printed and stitched ... Lovely
    Or turned into fabric for garment sewing - I like the depth of colour in your pomegranate ones :)

    1. Thanks Catherine. I would love to make a shift dress out of my pomegranate paintings if they were a print! Maybe I should upload a design to Sprout patterns and get some fabric printed?

  2. Lots of great art works here, I can see why it is tough to shortlist them for exhibition! Really interesting to see the progression of your pomegranate works. I very much like the 2nd water colour pencil one, but also the water colour paint works are very interesting - I think the last one could be interpreted as pebbles/small rocks on a shore as well as the seeds.
    And would be awesome to create a dress out of one of your paintings! A UK option could be Contrado - - might work out cheaper with local shipping rates. I've not used them myself yet but a few bloggers did reviews a few months ago and seemed to be positive.

    1. Hey thanks for the info about the digital print company. I might give that a go if I ever decide on what pattern to choose.