Sunday, 31 July 2016

Missoni Art Colour at the FTM

I think the Fashion and Textiles Museum in Bermondsey has definitely upped it's exhibition game for the Missoni Art Colour event. I have a feeling they were influenced by the outstanding Alexander McQueen at the V&A and thought they needed to get more dramatic and atmospheric.

This exhibition certainly is bold, dramatic and atmospheric thanks to some creative lighting, interesting displays and a 'white-noise' soundtrack especially commissioned for the exhibition. Recordings of the knitting machines used to make Missoni fabric were looped together to create a soundscape that certainly added to the exhibition experience.

As a trained textile designer I found the sketchbooks and technical notes for the knitted fabrics really interesting. The most striking aspect of the show is the wall of mannequins wearing a vast collection of amazing Missoni garments.

In addition to the beautiful clothing there is an impressive collection of artwork bought by the Missoni family over the past 60 years which links their fashion inspiration to a range of fine art pieces by Giniani Severini and Sonia Delauney amongst others.

This exhibition runs until the 4th September and I would highly recommend a visit to this stunning little museum if you get a chance this summer.


  1. Seems to be lots of inspiration for using stripes and chevrons as well as colour. Especially the second to last photo - what a lot of pattern matching!!
    Did you have a favourite garment?

    1. Yes it was a fantastic exhibition Alex. Lots of inspiration. It would be hard to pick out just one favourite but the multi-chervon zig-zag striped "McQueen' looking dress was one I really liked. The individual sections were patch-worked together and I can imagine would have been a nightmare to construct!