Sunday, 3 July 2016

Life Drawing at Pearl & Groove

I always loved life drawing at art school in the 1990's but it isn't something I have managed to do much of since working full time. During a completely unrelated Google search for cake in Notting Hill I discovered the wonders of a delicious bakery called Pearl and Groove. Situated at the far end of Portabello Road this divine little bakery sells the most scrumptious cakes that just so happen to be gluten-free with some refined sugar and wheat-free options too.

Anyway, back to the life drawing classes. There I was surfing the Pearl and Groove website and clicked onto the events page where I found the perfect event: A life drawing class with a little cake break!
I haven't done a life drawing class since the summer of 2014 during Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School cabaret event and knew I would be a little rusty. In order to not go alone I booked two tickets and invited my artist friend Blaze Cyan along too.

The class was organised by artist Bella Franks who runs life drawing classes in unusual venues all around London. Bella was a fun and vibrant host and the life model was beautiful.
The event ran from 7pm - 9pm with a series of quick 2-3 minute poses to get warmed up, progressing to longer 20-30 minute poses later on.

20 minute study using willow charcoal

Five minute studies with willow charcoal
Cake and prosecco was served during a 20 minute break which was very absolutely lovely (I had water instead of prosecco). I chose a Banana Banoffee cake whereas Blaze selected the Rose and Earl Grey Tea cake.

I am definitely going to return to another life drawing class at Pearl and Groove.
The next events are on the 26th July, 10th August and 24th August. Does anybody want to join me on the next drawing class?


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! I'll join you for another one x

    1. Great stuff Alex. I will text you to organise!

  2. I haven't done life drawing for years either but I really enjoyed it when I did it at 6th Form. I like your second study the one in the background is awesome. I am a bit far away but enjoy the next one and post us some pics. Jo x